RVResources.com Pre-Purchase Checklist

Date:______________ Year:_________________ Make and Model:______________________________
Gross Vehicle Weight____________
Description:________________________________ ____________________________________________
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Asking Price:________________________________

  Notes Rating 1-5
Body/Siding damage, dents, dings, scratches, stains, rusting    
Windows and Awnings    
Lights, turn signals etc.    
Storage Compartments (condition and size)    
Roof Condition cracks loose accessories etc.    
Various Accessories Doorbell , entrance step, levelers etc.    
Motor Check under for leaks, worn belts condition of motor compartment, signs of stress of overheating etc.    
Towing Package    
Anything else you notice    
Refrigerator size, condition, gas/electric    
Ceiling condition, signs of leaks, loose light fixtures    
Stove and Microwave condition and size working properly    
Sink condition size check underneath for leaks    
Bedding size, how many can sleep comfortable, condition, locations    
Storage enough room, condition    
Bathroom, size overall condition, leaks storage, shower space    
Entertainment TV Stereo etc. wired for phone ,cable, satelite    
Heating system and vents    
Lighting is it working, adequate light    
Fans working correctly and quietly    
Condition of flooring, carpet and furniture    
Windows leaks, tinting, operability, etc.    
Check all faucets make sure they are working correctly, filterered, is there a pressure regulator    
Are you generally comfortable with size color and decorations, seating positions comfort.    
Anything else you notice    
Seat comfort and room    
Mirror access and visibility    
Backup camera    
Overall layout and accesibility of gauges etc.    
Features: gps, camera ,stereo control, cb etc.    
Mechanical (have a qualified mechanic check if not sure)    
Motor starts and runs smooth, idles smooth, power uphill    
Size and manufacturer of Motor    
Transmission shifts smooth and correctly    
Generator starts easily, noise level, runs smooth voltage should be between 110-125    
AC Check after 10-15 minutes    
Overall Drive comfort and ease    
Discolored exhaust after motor is warm    
Size of fresh and black water tanks    
Batteries age and condition, any solar panels on roof converter and inverter functioning correctly    
Owner Manuals    
Maintenance Records available    
Can you contact previous owner    
Reputaion of dealership    
Cost of insurance    
Towing capacity