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For the rv traveler satellite tv can offer many benefits as it ensures tv is available most places with a clear view of the western skies. No need for your motorhome or travel trailer to be hooked up to a cable in a park. Some models will even allow tv viewing while moving down the highway. A drawback to any satellite is that weather can adversely impact the signal.

As it is all digital transmission the picture and sound quality are excellent. There are basically two types of satellite service available. The most common is the typical subscription based providers like DirecTV and Dish Network. There is also the less popular Free-To- Air (FTA) satellite in which unencrypted satellite broadcasts are picked up by fta receivers. Digital satellite tv is available in standard and high definition.

Required Equipment:
For satellite tv there are basically 3 components required for receiving the transmission. The first is the satellite dish itself made up of none other then a dish and lnb's (an lnb receives the signal after it bounces off the dish and sends it down the cable). Second would be the receiver which acts as a tuner, decoder and storage device. In between these two is the cable and satellite diplexers or multiswitches which connects the dish to the receiver. Most modern motorhomes and towables have cable pre-run through the walls already.

DIRECTV was the first entertainment service in the U.S. to deliver all digital-quality, multi-channel TV programming to an 18-inch satellite dish.

Dish Network
The Company and its subsidiaries deliver Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) television products and services to customers worldwide.

GlobeCast WorldTV
The world's leading provider of domestic and global transmission services for video, audio, business television, IP multicasting and internet backbone service

Satellite Radio
Satellite radio offers the listener digital quality sound with many programming choices. While traveling long distance there is no longer the need to find local stations every 150 miles or so. Mobile services, such as Sirius, XM, and Worldspace, allow listeners to roam across an entire continent, listening to the same audio programming anywhere they go. Other services, such as Music Choice or Muzak's satellite-delivered content, require a fixed-location receiver and a dish antenna.

Required Products:
For mobile satellite radio a mini antenna is need as well as a receiver. A wire is run from the antenna to the receiver. Some time filters that reduce interference are necessary. For fixed locations a dish and receiver is required.

Mobile Satellite Radio Providers:
Sirius Radio

Satellite Internet
When Cable or DSL is not an option many turn to internet access via satellite. It offers somewhat high speed downloads at any location available to satellite. Satellite technology is the least used major high speed technology. The drawbacks are generally stated to be cost is higher then traditional sources, and upload speeds can be limited.

Required Equipment:
For satellite internet a dish and modem are needed. The modems have commonly used connectors such as Ethernet or Universal serial bus. Some also have an integrated Blue tooth transceiver and double as a satellite phone.

Recreational Vehicle Satellite Products
List of products, services and resources including satellite dishes, receivers, tripods satellite locators etc..

Installation Parts and Repair:
Mobile RV Satellite Antenna repair and sales. Factory Authorized KVH, King Dome, Motosat, and Tracstar Dealer. We stock most repair parts when we come to you.

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