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The Art of Roaming    RVers of the Month November 2023
Hey, guys! It's Victoria. The creator of The Art of Roaming. Along with my better half and our cat named Dooty, we are traveling the United States in search of a place to call home. Coming from military backgrounds, we realized we had no attachment to a specific hometown. What started as a bedtime conversation became reality when we found the courage to take the leap and buy an RV. We have been on the road for over a year now. Sharing our story is important because this RV life is so much more than what you'll see on social media. Our goal is to always deliver simple, straight to the point, educational content. Hopefully it'll inspire you, too. This lifestyle is not easy, but if you truly commit to it, it will certainly surprise you. Love your state or hometown? Let us know and we might just stop by. RV life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it's filled with quite a bit of stress. Being mobile has its perks. I've seen some beautiful things, met some wonderful people, and have grown a greater appreciation for Mother Nature's creation. Reservations, however, always cause me a deal of stress. Look, there are some people that can just go out, boondock, and make reservations on a fate's whim. I am not one of those people. I need to know where I'm going. I take comfort in knowing that we will have a safe place to call home.

Trent and Allie    RVers of the Month October 2023
We're Trent and Allie (and Frank the dog), a couple of DIY'ers who spent 3 years traveling around in a van before we decided to buy some land and start building our own little home in the mountains. Come along for the ride to see how much of a struggle it can be to build your own house in some crazy conditions. We're from Salt Lake City and in the summer of 2017 we took a leap of faith after fully converting our first van into a mobile tiny home. We traveled across the PNW and Canada exploring some of the greatest mountain bike trails, the people and cities around them and enjoyed the raw, uncut realities of vanlife. We fell completely in love with vanlife so much that we started driving and never stopped until we had driven through Central and South America to the southern most tip of the continent. COVID forced us to abandon our van and head home unexpectedly, but we're making the most of it by building a home base in the mountains of Utah, and taking you along for the ride. Our goal is to live with intention and authenticity, to cultivate connection and community in unexpected places, all while experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and creative adventures. Our mission is to share these moments through videos that inspire you to live your dream, whatever it may be, and offer a little nature, adventure, and humor along the way. thank you for helping us pursue our dreams, now get out there and love the life you live.

Beluga's excellent adventure     RVers of the Month September 2023
Dave and I have retired and are traveling the country in our Fleetwood Discovery Motorhome (Beluga) enjoying the company of our dog, Lewis. We left Spokane last Sunday. The weather was sunny and nice. We were sad to leave Jesse and Erin and sweet little Anabelle, but had made peace with that. We enjoyed a few last outings by ourselves and with them. A delicious wine offering for a lunch at Vieux Carre gave us the idea for a new destination in Walla Walla. Also, a last opportunity to have some beloved beignets. Dave deemed these "the best outside of New Orleans". We were happy and looking forward to being on the road again. We're at the Blue Valley RV Resort in Walla Walla, Washington until tomorrow morning. This is a small, well run, well kept property on the outskirts of town in an industrial and rather downtrodden neighborhood. But....it's very close to the neat little downtown with lots of restaurants and set in the midst of lots of very good wineries. We had another knock out dinner at Brasserie Four last night and visited two new to us wineries. The first was Valdemar Estate Winery, a stylish new facility with it's roots in Spain. Having had plenty of wine yesterday, burp, we took it easy today. Grocery shopping, reading, naps, take-out pasta dinner and getting ready for the drive to Caldwell, Idaho in the morning.

Opting Out Of Normal     RVers of the Month August 2023
Welcome to our little corner of the world. We are Justin and Stacy. Our lives came together in 1991 while Justin was stationed in Port Hueneme, California with the Navy Seabees. We were married in 1992 and have together raised two beautiful, amazing, grounded daughters. Britney & Daniana. Though we claim three daughters, we didn't birth our middle daughter, Krista, so I have to say she was our easiest. We've traveled and lived all over the world while serving on active duty. In 2010 Justin retired from military service after 20 years. We transitioned to civilian life choosing to settle down back in Pennsylvania. The American dream, right? After our youngest daughter left for college, out of state, we started to do some soul searching on what we wanted out of life now that we weren't full-time parents anymore. Was this it? So after much thought, and late-night conversations (and lots of wine), we found "it". We aren't strangers to RVing and have camped and vacationed in an RV for over 20 years. But living in it will be different. We were up for the challenge. We gave ourselves a timeline of 2 years to sell two homes, and all the extra stuff. We hit the road 9 months later. So here we are. We have chosen to opt out of normal! We're going to make memories and mistakes. We hope to meet so many of you, and if you see us out and about, please say hi.

Travels With Birds        RVers of the Month July 2023
I am a life long birder; married to Miriam Bauman. Travel to the far corners of the world in search of birds has been a lifelong passion - severely curtailed by COVID! I am always happy with a good book and a glass of wine. My interests include birds, nature in all its glorious diversity, reading, books, the outdoors, travel, food and wine, classical music, opera. Studied business at Ryerson University and Biology/Environmental Science at Trent University. I have a daughter and a grandson who are dedicated birders and I have birded on every continent except Antarctica. We acknowledge that the land on which we are situated are the lands traditionally used by the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Neutral People. We also acknowledge the enduring presence and deep traditional knowledge, laws, and philosophies of the Indigenous Peoples with whom we share this land today. We are all treaty people with a responsibility to honour all our relations. It is hard to believe that June is drawing to a close, so it's time for a review of what we have observed during the month. At home, Waterloo, Many American Robins (Turdus migratorius) are already incubating second clutches, and this youngster is finding its own way in life. American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis), on the other hand, does not normally lay until the end of June, with incubation occurring in July.

Gone with the Wynns       RVers of the Month June 2023
Way back in the day we traded in everyday life to satisfy our wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure. Now, the world is our home and this is where we share our discoveries and lessons learned along the way. Our first five years of travel were an epic road trip around North America with an awe-inspiring highlight being our trek around Alaska. Then, in 2016 we decided to buy a sailboat so we could explore further. We didn't have a lick of experience but we're chock-full of determination. Being underqualified and overly optimistic is our norm. So now we're on a sailing voyage and we've made it almost halfway around the world. We're cultivators of curiosity, always on the move with an irrefutable desire to search, explore, discover, grow, learn and share. There are plenty of opinions about how one should go about life, travel, adventure, and everything in between. It's much more of a mindset and mind-shift that happens naturally as we dive deeper into this lifestyle. Perpetual travel is a lifestyle for us, not a vacation. For us, it's about creating a life we don't need to escape. Because our home is our vessel, it makes long-term travel more sustainable (on our pocketbooks and for the planet) and vice-versa. Our rolling homes and now our sailboat Curiosity is about 1/8th of the footprint of our last sedentary home in Dallas, Texas.

Hourless Life     RVers of the Month May 2023
We've been traveling full-time since February 2014. Yes, that means our son Caspian who was born in 2016 doesn't know anything other than life on the road.In 2018. We fell in love with the overlanding lifestyle during two trial runs in Mexico: 2,000 miles in interior Mexico (2019) and 2,000 miles in Baja (2020). We went ALL-IN, actively getting ready to leave everything we knew in the United States. On October 9, 2021, we crossed the border into interior Mexico once again. But this time, our home on wheels isn't returning to the United States for 10 to 15 years. In November 2022, we arrived in South America. We're going out of our comfort zone to explore this beautiful, wild world we've been given. Our vehicle is our portal, our home. On roads and off roads, through water crossings shallow and unfathomably deep, our explorations will take us to every habitable continent over the next decade of our lives. Along the way, we earnestly study what we encounter. Caspian is homeschooled, roadschooled, worldschooled (pick your term), with teachers of every language, religious belief, political climate, and gorgeous color. We hope you are empowered, inspired, and encouraged. Perhaps you will follow in our tracks.

PandaMonium     RVers of the Month April 2023
Welcome to my channel PandaMonium. My name is Ausia and my dog's name is Moo-moo... my rig is the Lucky Panda, a 28ft 2018 Coachmen Leprechaun with a tow trailer and Can-am Maverick 4 wheeler... here we tackle updates, upgrades, travel, rv lifestyle with some hiking, ebiking, 4 wheeling, exploring and events. I travel with a tribe and live full-time in a motorhome off the grid with 700ah of Battle Born lithium batteries. This is my everyday life and tour across America in my 28' RV, so join me if your open to excitement & fun traveling on the road during my trip through the many states and cities .....wish me luck and good fortune on this lifelong adventure. Maybe I'll see ya somewhere on the road.... good or bad, smooth or bumpy it's time to hit the road. Wishing everyone happy trails and glad to have you along with me on this journey called life. Being transgender and part of the LGBT community, I just wanted to be open and honest about who I am.... I welcome anybody with an open mind and heart.

On a long and lonesome highway....     RVers of the Month March 2023
My daughter Riley travels with me. Riley has learning disabilities and struggles with a number of issues. The travel is helping her start the long slow process of overcoming some of these issues. Forward progress is wonderful but not an every day occurrence, nor is it an every week occurrence. A smile on her face tells me we're making progress, no matter how slight. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.
Here is an excerpt from a recent post: "A beautiful morning, a talk with my sister and around 10 am we headed off in the Little Black Limo for a jeep ride into the Kofa's but this time on King Valley Road. Our goal was the Horse Tank, Grey Tanks, Arch Tank and Bandy Tank. The ride was good, the road was good for the most part. A little up and down, over and around, and oh my .... before we reached our destination. The hike was a bit on the rugged side but very doable for sure footed folks. Plenty of cement work to make a few of the tanks, a few pipes and a lot of mother natures help. Back in the jeep we headed off again on King Valley Road but decided we should turn around as we didn't think we could make it all the way through.

On Our Way     RVers of the Month February 2023
We are both still working, both at the Thames Valley District School Board, in the warehouse. Pat in the office and myself as the shipper/receiver, Clemson of course is the family dog and he is retired all the time. We are working towards retirement in the summer of 2016, at which we will sell everything and take up full time RVing. We have lots to learn about the life style and things to figure out but we have time. We have both had previous lives as we like to call it, but have been together for 18 years now. Between us we have 6 children and 9 grandchildren, with the potential for more, grandchildren that is. We are on our fourth 5th wheel trailer and think we have found the one that will do us in this retirement life style. So follow along if you wish and join us in this adventure. In January of 2015, we purchased a new 2015 Mobile Suite. To us , Mobile Suites are the "Bently" of 5th wheel trailers. The way they are built is far better then any other. I could go on and on about it but won't bore you with details. This trailer has all the features of our last trailer and then some. We are very happy with our purchase and new home for our retirement in 2016.

Celebrating the Dance     RVers of the Month January 2023
We are presently snowbirds from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (The UP) We are both retired. Tom worked in the technical services department in the paper industry and Deb was a supervisor at a market research firm. We started this Adventure in 2014 in our 5th Wheel, the Crusader. As of December 2016 we became the owners of a 2007 Coachman Pathfinder we are affectionately calling the Stinger B. We look forward to the Adventures we will encounter in our new home on wheels. Here is and excerpt from their blog: "A slow start to the New Year for Tom and I as we actually slept in past the sunrise this morning. When we opened the shades the sky was cloud covered with some blue sky along the edges. A little after one this afternoon the sky was blue but the wind had picked up considerably. Tom and I headed into Yuma for Mass at around 3:30 in the wind. Turning south on Ogilby Road it was not to bad until we crossed the railroad tracks. The picture collage below gives you an idea of how strong the wind was. We ended the day by going out to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Yuma where we both enjoyed a good meal.

Kissack Adventures   RVers of the Month December 2022
I'm a Cowgirl, born and raised on a cattle ranch in California. I recently retired and purchased a 2012 Tiffin Phaeton RV, so I could travel around the U.S. with my two dogs, Cooper (a poodle), Jessie (a Jack Russell) and Jonathan (my parrot). I've been around the world a couple of times and not been exactly happy with my photographic images, so I took a few classes from the local Junior College. I'm happy to say I'm pleased with the results. Not every picture will make it to my blog, but one out of ten is far better than one out of five hundred. I hope you enjoy them too, along with my tales of misadventures! Here is an excerpt from her latest post: Happy December, Christmas is almost here... have you done all your shopping yet? I'm pretty lucky I guess (or maybe not) that I only have to get a few small things for friends. That's actually good because about the only stores we have to shop at are Walmart and the 99 Cent Store (now the $1.25 store). It helps me become more creative. It's supposed to rain all day long today, a massive snow storm coming through the Sierras. They have been talking about it all week like it was a tornado. Somehow people don't seem to remember this was the norm not that many years ago.

Phannie and Mae  RVers of the Month November 2022
Mike is a retired airline pilot who had a second career in FAA management. Sandy is a retired teacher of gifted children. In 2016, we sold our house and became fulltime RVers. This blog tells the story of our RVing adventures from our very first trip in 2005 until the present time. Phannie is the name we gave our Phae? Yeah, it's silly, but we don't care." Here a excerpt from a recent post: "After spending a few weeks at Ranchito Hondo, it was time for yet another adventure. One of the main reasons for this fall trip was to celebrate daughter Mindy's birthday and to spend a week with her and Tyler and the grandsons. Mindy seemed to enjoy her birthday dinner out at El Palenque, our favorite Houston-area Mexican restaurant.Of course, it is not unlike her dad to do some monkeyshines at such an event, and I'm sure I embarrassed her adequately. Son-In-Law Tyler did me a great favor in doing a temporary repair to Phannie's instrument panel (the right side where the rearview camera screen, radio and a/c controls are). It appears the lightweight plastic panel was all that was holding these items in place and, after 16 years, an ill-placed screw at the factory finally caused the plastic panel to break in a critical spot, causing these items to fall inward with no support.

On My Own   RVer of the Month October 2022
I began fulltiming in 2010 with my husband David who died on the road in February 2019 of Multiple Myeloma. I'm continuing on alone - for now at least. Not really sure what I'm doing or where I'm going. But I know I still need all the encouragement and support I can get I'd love to meet other solo big rig travelers. Let me know who you are and where you are. Here is an excerpt from her latest post: It's Saturday, the campground is full. When hiking earlier in the week I passed a trail not taken on my way to another one. I kept thinking about that one I'd passed and decided to head out and see where it went even though it is not named or marked. How lost could I get in 400 acres? This is the main trail that led to my first waterfall hike. I went down to the bottom and took a right thinking I'll go as far as I can, see what I see, and turn around and come back the same way. What I saw was a simply amazing number of different mushrooms in this dripping rainforest. How I wish Tom and Maggie Barham had come with me from Riverbend. I need a mycologist. Mushrooms are impossible. Look at all the little white ones growing along my narrow path. Visit her site now to follow the rest of her adventure.

Good Times Rollin   RVers of the Month September 2022
Joe and I love the RV life and the freedom it gives us to call any place we choose to park home. Having our canine dependents with us makes it a total package. July of 2018 marked the completion of our seventh year as full-timers. We have seen a lot of this continent and met many wonderful people. There are so many more places we want to visit before the wanderlust diminishes. At the same time we are sincerely thankful for each day God has given us and hopeful we will have many more before settling down. We love playing with our canine dependents, hiking, 4 wheeling in our Jeep, hooking up with old friends and meeting new ones. We enjoy going to new places but spend most of our time on the western side of the U.S. Our favorite place to be is Moab, UT where we enjoy the friendship of many of the locals in the Friends For Wheelin off road enthusiasts club. Here is an excerpt from their latest posting "Last Saturday morning, we were up early and out the door with coffee in hand. Our week-end adventure had us heading towards Madera Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains. It is another one of those favorite places to spend a couple of hours no matter what the season is. This visit was to hike along Madera Creek...hoping for the sound of running water and wildflowers. Our timing was perfect. There was more water in the creek than we have ever seen.

The Lady is a Tramp  RVers of the Month August 2022
I'm Tammy, a former trial attorney specializing in medical malpractice defense in Seattle, Washington. In 2015, after 20 years of practice, I ceased practicing law at the age of 46. I sold the house and everything in it and jumped into Nellie, my 2008 Newmar Ventana "bug-out mobile." Will I return to practice? We shall see. Right now, when I'm not in Homebase Seattle, I'm out on the open road. Many of my interests are well-suited to RV travel, including recreational vehicles, travel, "glamping," cocktail culture, local cuisine, the tiny house movement, and bargain hunting. I'm a knowledge hound, pop culture ambassador, and social connoisseur. Joining me on the road are the pups Rocket and Pinkie, and Boss Tweed, my 8ish-year-old cat with the gangster meow. The Plan It started innocently enough, sell the house, live more frugally. So, I bought an RV, planning to do a lot of sightseeing and soul-searching along the way. This is the next thing that leads to the next thing. I wouldn't call what I do "roughing it." For me, this is not an exercise in deprivation! If you are specifically looking for tips and tricks on minimizing expenses, I'm probably not your huckleberry. I like a bargain as much as the next gal, and I'll be sure to tell you about any I find along the way, but it is not my goal to pinch pennies.

Thom and Dar's Sabbatical Journal  RVers of the Month July 2022
Our adult lives have been relatively conventional by most people's standards... professional careers, two kids, house in the suburbs, etc. We've lived all around the USA during my working days, which may be somewhat responsible for our wanderlust and for raising our awareness that every place has a story, a history, and interesting people... if you only look deep enough. We both love history and use travel as the vehicle to go out and experience it. We still have the bushouse, our Newmar motorhome. It's been our home for the past 7 years and it really feels like home to us, wherever it is. We also have a truck and truck camper. During the past few months we've spent about 50 nights in it, much of it on a month long shake-down "cruise" between the Pacific Northwest and Wisconsin. It took some getting used to as it's very small and requires some adjustments to routines... what we call "camper choreography". But the trade-off is a very nimble, go-almost-anywhere rig that makes traveling, touring, excursion-ing a pleasure that involves no thoughts about rig-size, clearances, parking space, etc. There are plans for many more excursions involving this new rig, including Alaska in the next year or two. During the next year we'd like to replace the bushouse with a trailer (5th wheel, travel trailer, or destination trailer).

Travel Tales Of Life    RVers of the Month June 2022
Living in Calgary, Alberta, Sue and Dave have been best friends and married for over 35 years. Their adventurous spirits keep them living the theme of never too old to explore. Parents to adult children and proud grandparents they are passionate about social justice, volunteerism and not letting the phrase, "What would people think?" or fear get in the way of trying something new; the possibilities are endless. Well into the second half of the game of life they strive to inspire others to seek out new experiences whether that be on the other side of the world or in their home town. Sue and Dave love sharing great finds from around the world that inspire and encourage others to explore. The boomer demographic is ever growing and demanding more fulfilling experiences from their travel. Their genuine story telling approach has created a loyal and interactive audience on their blog Travel Tales of Life, as well as 60,000 social media followers. Whether it be the consistent large number of comments on the blog or high engagement on Instagram, credibility and being a trusted source of information is what they bring to partners and brands. As members of the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC), striving to to leave tourism boards and companies with expectations exceeded every time.

Jim and Barb's RV Adventure    RVers of the Month May 2022
Married in 1986 and we have two children Jessica and Forrest who are both married, and have three children between them. We are traveling with our yellow lab, Dakota and our newest addition in 2021, Zoey, After careers, (Jim 30+ years in retail grocery operations and Barb 24+ years of management at a county attorney office) we left Wisconsin and hit the road in March of 2014 starting the next chapter in our lives! For almost 6 years we traveled fulltime before we purchased property and built a home in South Dakota. With a passion for fishing, hunting and photography we are now traveling part-time across the US and Canada detailing our trials, tribulations and adventures on the road. Regardless of what you are doing, having a plan is imperative. Whether it be for project planning at work, managing your personal finances or you are an RV'er setting out on a big adventure, rarely are you able to achieve your goal unless you have some kind of a plan. In the meantime, we are ready. We put the camper on the truck for the first time this week! I don't know the specific measurements of each of our trucks but this truck seems a lot tighter than our old one. There is only about 1" of clearance on either side of the truck bed. It took us about 30 minutes to get it on and only one minor meltdown but we did get it on.

Tiny House Giant Journey    RVers of the Month April 2022
If you're interested in an alternative lifestyle that will lower your financial burdens and allow you to live the life of your dreams, this is the site for you. I'll tell you my Tiny House story, share how others are living in gorgeous small houses, and inspire you to start your own journey. The goal? To live simply, pursue my dream of becoming a writer, and travel the world. From 2014-2015, I visited more than thirty U.S. States and five Canadian Provinces with my Tiny House in tow. Along the journey, I met dozens of like-minded people embracing alternative lifestyles. I hold a higher value on my time, passions, and experiences than I do on my possessions. My little house, which may seem meager to most, has brought me more happiness than any other space I've called "home". In January 2018, I bought a 60 square foot vintage camper, restored it, and took it on a cross-country road trip. Living in a fiberglass box for the summer taught me even more about what I truly need in life. In October 2018, I showed my camper at a Tiny House festival in Oregon. Hundreds of people toured the inside and were shocked at how innovative and clever you can be with such a small living space. I now live part-time in my Tiny House, which is currently parked on Whidbey Island in Washington. Otherwise, I'm traveling abroad or living with my boyfriend in his 500 square foot cottage in Seattle. Currently, I'm saving for a slightly bigger home (hopefully 600-700 square feet), so that I can raise a family and possibly start a homestead. Being debt-free is just too sweet.

Just A Little Further    RVers of the Month March 2022
Hi there. We're David and Marcie Lynn and we lived aboard our Liberty 458 cutter-rigged sailboat, Nine of Cups, from 2000 to 2018. What began as a desire to travel slowly and economically at our own pace resulted in the adventure of a lifetime. Living on a boat for nearly two decades has given us a different perspective on travel. We had the opportunity to visit places that are usually inaccessible like Pitcairn Island, Easter Island and Tristan da Cunha. We slowly made our way back to the USA in 2017 and decided it was time to try something new. But exactly what? We knew it had to involve more travel. We bought a Ford Transit 250 van that we named 'Blue' and David began to upfit it as a camper. It's an ongoing project, but we've taken many trips in Blue so far and we've found land cruising to be interesting and fun. Check out the Van Life page and take several virtual trips with us across the USA. We've written extensively about our travels. We love talking about our experiences and sharing what we've seen and learned. Sometimes it's the trivial side of things like chores or something that's caught our fancy. Or perhaps it's watching the Sydney fireworks on New Year's Eve or staring up at a Moai on Easter Island or into the eyes of a giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands or a bison in North Dakota. Thanks for sharing our travels. We love the company.

Bug'N Out Rv'N    RVers of the Month February 2022
Hello. We are David and Kellie. We have been happily married for just under 23 years,(2020). We have loved camping since the early days. Tents and tarps used to be the preferred method but as time went by, and age, we have since upgraded to camping in a travel trailer. Now, some might say that that's not camping, that's RVing, and I guess in some cases they may be right. We haven't made the transition to full-time RVing yet, but we do take the RV out as often as we can. We got our first rv somewhere around 2016, a used but still nice 1999 Hi-Lo. It was well taken care of by the folks we got it from, they even added a couple of upgrades. Recently we decided to upgrade to a bit newer 2018 Kodiak Ultra Lite. We were bitten by the RV bug and now we just can't seem to get enough of it. To say that we have learned alot through the few years of RVing would be a complete understatement. We found out on our very first trip the importance of keeping a few key tools with you. We both come from a long line of Veterans from all branched of the military, and we are very proud of that. I am a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Kellie’s grandfather served in the U.S. Marines in the Korean War and was also a Pearl Harbor survivor. We welcome you to join us on our travels and journeys as we share with you our stories along the way.

Roaming About    RVers of the Month Janaury 2022
Liesbet was born in Belgium, but calls herself a world citizen. Traveling has been her lifelong passion, closely followed by writing. Mark is from the United States of America. He grew up in New England, but preferred living in California. Mark, running a successful long range WiFi and cell data business (The Wirie) from 2009 until 2018, and Liesbet, having an arsenal of ideas in her head and feeling inspired to write more articles, frequent blog posts, and even a book enjoyed their new lifestyle. Abiding by their frugal habits and roaming spirits, combining their love of animals with their desire for temporary conveniences, they house and pet sat throughout the United States for three years, putting their sense of responsibility and their creative minds to good use. In the summer of 2017, Mark and Liesbet bought a 19ft Mercedes Sprinter Westfalia camper van, called Zesty. After multiple exciting camping trips of days, weeks, and months at a time, they alternated house sitting with RV adventures in North America. Their next change happened in June 2019, when they adopted Maya as an adult dog from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. Their companion is now seven years old and a mixed breed they call an "everything dog" after their favorite bagel. Since then, the trio lives on the road fulltime; two more years in Zesty and, from September 2021 on, in yet a different small RV: their truck camper T&T.

We Two Travellers    RVers of the Month December 2021
We are Ed & Linda, formerly fulltime cruisers, now living as C.L.O.D.'s (cruisers living on dirt) in north Florida and northern Colorado. This Blog is basically a way to keep up with the current happenings. Our old site was a sailing-oriented website that we kept and maintained for 20 years. As for us, we did fix the boat up over the course of 10 years YES - we did finish up our careers, sell the house and move aboard full time 2005. YES - we did cruise the Caribbean up and down all the way down to Venezuela and hang out in the island chain for almost 10 years, and YES - we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves while at it. When Ed's Mom was widowed for the second time and approaching her mid-80's we decided to cruise halftime in and around Puerto Rico (easy flights back home) and the U.S. Virgin Islands and St. Martin and spend half the year in our home in Orange Park, FL (bought in 2012 and made ready for this eventuality) which was about 10 miles away from her house. We stuck to this plan for about 5 years until she eventually passed away - RIP Mom. We got to the point that we couldn't maintain the boat up to our standards anymore, after which we sold our beloved Dreamtime and moved ashore for good. Since that time we have purchased the Keystone Cougar RLS26 for our summertime retreat (way too hot in FL) and parked it up in a canyon in Colorado.

A Place Called "Away"    RVers of the Month November 2021
We are Lorne and Susan Green and we are preparing to open a new chapter in our lives as we work towards a life in a motorhome full time (since writing this, we have achieved that goal). Travel has always been high on our priority list and we feel it is time to start pursuing that dream. Late in 2013 we discovered the world of full time rving. We started to research the possibilities both on the Internet and by checking with some rvers in Phoenix and Mexico on our winter vacations. We discovered that this lifestyle was what we were looking for and everyone we talked to and all of our research confirmed that it was possible. Now we started looking at rvs. 5ers were what we wanted originally but with the declassification of Lorne's drivers license, he could no longer drive the multi configuration. Motorhomes of any size plus a towed vehicle were still legal so that narrowed our search. We searched everywhere possible for the floor plan that was special and around May 1st a motorhome for sale showed up. It was a 40 ft. Rexhall Rose Air with a 330 Cummins and a 6 speed Allison transmission. It has two slides and a unique floor plan. When we walked in the unit, we both looked at each other, and said this is the one! We were not long working a deal which included the Jeep tow vehicle. May, 2014 we handed over the cheque and she was ours.

Ray and Cindy's RV Travels    RVers of the Month October 2021
Blind dates are not necessarily bad. We met on a blind date in December of 1994. We were married on June 14, 1997. I had 8 children, Cindy had 5. They are literally scattered from coast to coast - Arcadia, California to Savannah, Georgia and points in between. We once went to an event put on by Thomas Kincade, and won a signed book because we had the most kids of anyone in the audience, so on rare occasions having lots of children is good. We have 19 grand kids and 4 great grand-kids. Cindy worked for the State of Utah for 18 years. She followed school buses all over the state as part of her job. She retired early. We have traveled the US and Canada in our Montana 5th wheel, pulled by a 2007 Chev Duramax dually. I was a heating and air conditioning contractor for 41 years. We are part timers as family has moved into our home in Riverton, Utah to house sit. We are looking forward to traveling this great country of ours and meeting other travelers and bloggers. We bought a home in Yuma, Arizona the last of 2015 and now spend 6 months there. Thanks for following our blog and hope to meet you soon.

Liv2RV    RVers of the Month September 2021
In 2013 we decided to throw caution to the wind and radically change our lifestyle. We sold our house, belongings, quit our jobs and purchased a 5th wheel. We are too young to retire, so we will be working and traveling around this great country of ours. Jonell has spent the last 10 years working at a level one trauma center as a CT Technologist, and Dan was a Math Teacher for 27 years. Originally we planned to work until "retirement age", and then travel the country. Life is too short. For the past several years, we have been following several blogs, reading books and attending rally's to talk with other full-timers. The one thing we hear over and over from other full-timers, is that they wish they would have started sooner. So when Dan hit the 'Big 5-0' in 2013, we knew it was time to pursue our dreams, and off we went. Currently we have no source of income other than our savings and the jobs we do on the road. As we begin to get a little older we do have IRA's, investments, a pension and Social Security to assist us with income. We plan on sharing our experiences work camping and playing tourist. We appreciate comments on our blog, and hope you will follow along on our journey.

Geeks on Tour    RVers of the Month August 2021
We've been living/working in our motorhome full-time since July 2003, our house sold in November of that year. We've been on the road since April 2004. Our life's story, since deciding to become RVers, is on our Blog. It's a wonderful thing for fickle memories. "When were we at Devil's Tower?" "I don't know - check the weblog." The archive at right is the easiest way to see something in our past. The primary organization is by month. Click on any month to see all entries for that month. The later entries are at the top of the page, as you scroll down, you are going back in time. We keep this Blog for ourselves, our family and friends. But, anyone else who is interested. Welcome to our adventure. We've developed our own business identity as 'Geeks on Tour: Computer Training for Travelers'. Our 3 areas of focus are 1)Seminars at Rallies, RV parks, and Computer Clubs 2)Video tutorials and books online and on CDs, and 3)Writing articles on computers and travelers. We're still primarily dependent on our savings for paying the bills, but we're on the path to a self-sustaining lifestyle. We sure hope it works because we love living on the road.

Glamping in my RV    RVers of the Month July 2021
We are a retired married couple that wants to follow the sunshine, view the mountains, hike the trails and enjoy a fun relaxing life with our three little puppies. We sold our home/property and all of our possessions to buy our dream RV and travel the United States with our three Shichon puppies. Our dream RV will be a 5th wheel toy hauler with a 12.5 ft garage. We met in December of 1994. We married on June 26, 1999. We are both currently retired and enjoying retirement but we want more. I grew up in a small city in Pennsylvania. Did all of the normal things growing up. Back then you got married, had children, and lived happily ever after. I got married, didn't have children and didn't live happily ever after with the first husband. Got divorced. In the next 15 years, I would be single. I retired as a Vice President at a very large bank. Roy also grew up in a small town. Married young. Had three children, all grown and married, Roy got divorced. Roy and I met through a personal ad in the local paper. We married. Roy retired early because his job allowed for full retirement after you were employed for 30 years. Roy enjoyed being home working in and around the home while I enjoyed working outside of the home. We are best friends.

R 'n R On The Road    RVers of the Month June 2021
Growing up my parents had a travel trailer towed by a van. We would go on monthly weekend trips to various local campgrounds. Of course, I did have my driver's license by this time. Ron-He was born in Islip, New York, the son of two fairly new German immigrants. His family would socialize with a group of friends and go on camping trips with them too. The fondest memories he has is of Finnen Lake, a rustic place in the Sierra foothills. High School Sweethearts- Rene' and Ron met in high school. It was love at first sight-for one of them... Fate had a different path and boy are we glad! As a young dating couple we would pack up our tent, cooler and bug spray and hit the road. We didn't really care where we ended up as long as it was with each other. We married in 1983. Our children grew up tent camping as well. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were a good match for this family. Now that both of our children have moved out and away it's time to embrace our 'new life'. We own a business and can't just up and go. So we are taking baby steps to make our dream a reality and work from the road. We are so excited for the adventures and excitement that await us. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride with us.

Raven and Chickadee    RVers of the Month May 2021
I must have gypsy blood somewhere in my ancestry because there's nothing I love more than setting out on an adventure. My parents initiated me into road-tripping at an early age. I have special memories of a cross-country trip at the age of seven, stuffed into a Volkswagen bug with my mom, dad, and sister; a footlocker strapped to the top filled with an enormous Sears canvas tent, sleeping bags, a Coleman stove, and everything we needed for five weeks on the road. Eric and I have been together for 20 years, and we've put a lot of miles on our relationship in that time. Other things I love: Being in nature (hiking, biking, kayaking), playing guitar, yoga, photography, great food, and hanging out with family and good friends. What I love most is combining all of the above with traveling. I make my living writing about herbs, integrative medicine, and healthy living. And I'm fortunate enough to be able to take my work with me when we travel. I can work almost anywhere, and have. I've often thought that travel is like a moving meditation. Simply being in a new place, close to nature naturally provides the opportunity to be more fully present.

On the Road Abode    RVers of the Month April 2021
This is the story of our two year preparation to become fulltime RV'ers, and our big, new adventure that began on May 31, 2015. It's just the two of us, and the "fluffy dog", off to see this beautiful country with only the seasons as our guide. Bill and I have committed to living on the road full-time before the end of Summer 2015. This includes living a focused life for the next two years: enjoying life at home while spending as much time as possible with family and friends, improving the resale value of the property, paying off those final couple of bills, adding to our savings, getting healthy and fit, selling the house, purchasing a motorhome, Bill retiring, and taking all necessary steps to realize our goal. Some of it will be really fun like working on the house and buying that motorhome. Some of it like getting in shape and selling the house maybe not so much. But I am confident that all of it, fun and not, will be worth it when we hit the road. This blog will track our efforts, successes and set-backs, and perhaps even be useful to other couples who have similar plans in the future.

Maxx Trails    RVers of the Month March 2021
Hubby and I raised our family in the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. When our children were at home we camped in a tent and later in a tent trailer, and then as they were moving on in their lives we bought our first 5th wheel. That purchase made us realize we love to travel in comfort. When the opportunity came to retire at a young age we decided to fulfill our life long dream of traveling across Canada and hubby's life long dream to never shovel snow again. So with some trepidation on my part about leaving the kids and grandkids we began our adventures by heading to the southern US for the winter months and travelling throughout Canada during the summer months. Our Wildcat Maxx Fifth Wheel is 34.5 feet long with two slides on the driver's side. The two slides on one side was a conscious decision on our part as we wanted to leave the passenger side open for sitting space under a large awning. Now set up the way we want and we look forward to spending many more years traveling together.

Chillin' with Patsy     RVers of the Month February 2021
Like most campers/travelers, we started small. Tenting, tent trailers, seasonal lots and small motor homes, so much so that we were saying "been there, done that" and seemingly had no interest in doing it again. With this hint at full-time living, in August 2013, we traded in our beautiful Cougar for an even more beautiful Jayco, 2010, 35' fifth wheel with 3 (three) slides. This after saying "we can never upgrade, we just couldn't afford to do it". Well, never say never. When an offer presents itself to you and you find everything you want in an rv (no matter how new or old, there is always something that 'could' be better/different), you find a way to make it happen. Our Jayco Designer sits on a cement pad in our driveway waiting for our next weekend away. Last fall, we made a final decision that we want to full-time rv. After going to work for 30+ years, we will both be ready to say goodbye, in the most heartfelt way possible! Heck, we are ready now if only... you know. And just when we thought we were done upgrading, we bought our 2015 DRV Mobile Suite.Now we are truly ready and in October 2016, our dream became a reality.

A Full-time Life     RVers of the Month January 2021
We've always loved to travel and after we retired in 1997 we bought a fifth-wheel trailer and a truck to haul it with and took off to see more of our country. We loved the traveling life and soon sold our home and most of our belongings. Some people use their RVs when they're on vacation, some live in them part of the time (usually during the winter, when they go south to escape the cold) but we were "full-timers" with no other home for over ten years. We have visited 48 of the 50 states on our RVing adventures. (Click on this page.) We had many wonderful experiences and met many great people people as full-timers, but change is inevitable. On our first visit to Florida we sort of accidentally fell in love with the RV Park and the area where we were staying. It was too far to think about towing the RV back and forth every year, and anyway it was about time to find a more permanent winter home. At the end of that first season, we bought our "Canal Cottage" and since 2009 we have spent our winters in the sunshine state. Every spring we travel back to Oregon, which is once again our official home, and still enjoy exploring while living on both coasts and traveling between them.

Geogypsy    RVers of the Month December 2020
Hi, my name is Gaelyn, the Geogypsy,a boomer, female eco-traveler sharing stories and photos of a diverse world. I started exploring US National Parks in 1977 and 20 years later became a Park Ranger. I spent the next 20 years working in various national parks. During the winter I travel to other National Parks and focus on learning about the natural and cultural history of the places I visit. Every world-wide designated landscape and historic site within the systems of preservation has a unique story about people and place. I hope sharing these stories encourages you to connect with the world. I've been journaling all my life, writing is a passion. I began blogging in 2008 to discipline myself to write every day, or almost. At first I was unsure about putting myself out into the cyber-world, would anybody really care. Turns out people are interested in the places I travel to, hike, photograph and share. I've met so many wonderful people blogging, and some of them in real life too. That's the short story.

The Chouters and Bijou    RVers of the Month November 2020
They say traveling is the best type of education and we can certainly attest to that. In 2014 we sold our lakefront home in Seattle, got rid of most of our belongings and moved into a motorhome to began the adventure of a lifetime. In "Scoopy", our Class A motorhome, we managed to visit 49 states between 2014-2018. Not ready to slow down, we decided to expand our horizons in 2019 and move to Europe only this time in a much smaller vehicle: A Hymer B544 SL camping car named Bijou. We are having a blast and are enjoying documenting all of our experiences. We hope you'll tag along and follow us down the road.

Our Future in an RV    RVers of the Month October 2020
I have lived in the Kansas City area my entire life. I've worked in law enforcement one way or another since 1985, working both full and part-time. I've always been an outdoors type beginning with family camping trips, Boy Scouts and all the free outdoor vacations paid for by my Uncle Sam while in the Army. I've owned a pop-up and 30 foot travel trailer in the past, as well as renting a 25ft Class C in 2015. Karen is originally from Michigan. She retired in 2015. Decided to major in business while in college which made me a numbers person on top of being a micro-planner. Married my lovely wife Karen and never looked back. Now I'm looking forward to our retirement years and trying to not "wish my life away" waiting for the day to come. Feels like I'm 15 again, wishing I was 16 and could drive. When Karen and I decided traveling fulltime in an RV was in our future we initially thought 2023 was the year we would leave. Like so many others, we tried to figure out a way to leave earlier. To that end, I came up with our estimated retirement income and used budgets for our style of travel which other full-timers had posted. Then we started saving to leave earlier. In August of 2019 we sold the house and moved into the fifth wheel full time. I was still working for about the next five weeks before we left Kansas City. We ended up ordering a 2019 Vanleigh Vilano 320GK and bought a one year old dually Ram 3500.

Our Nest on Wheels    RVers of the Month September 2020
Just how does one arrive at this decision? In our case there wasn't one big moment, but just the confluence of several different things. And so we started thinking about where we might want to live when we retire. Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest looked interesting to me. But Jane wasn't so sure, because of the cloudy and rainy days. Lack of sunlight can be an issue for her. Colorado might be an option. But where? The front range is getting pretty congested. The mountains are great, but what about the winters? Arizona has potential, at least during the winter, but summer can be brutal, unless you're up in Flagstaff. Florida? Maybe too cliche. So many options and so little information to go on for making such a big decision. So we considered this possibility: Before we decide on a place, perhaps we should tryout living there for a few months, and see if we really like it. And the easiest way to do that would be to have a motorhome. As we began to investigate more, we found that there is a fairly sizable mobile community. Not just retirees, but people of all ages. Many of them blog about their experiences. Most post pictures that will make you want to consider this lifestyle. So that's our big idea. We sold the house and hit the road August 3, 2016. So far, so good.

American Odyssey    RVers of the Month August 2020
Bill and I have always dreamed of traveling and seeing our great country. This dream became a reality in the form of becoming full-time RVers on August 29, 2014 when we closed on our house. In the months leading up to the closing, we purged the 3,000 square foot house of all stuff. We only kept with us what we couldn't live without, some kitchen items, clothes, toiletries, linens, and a few other misc small things. We are 52 years young, as of this writing in November 2017. We consider ourselves semi-retired, as in we do not have enough money to be independently wealthy, and we need to do some type of work to produce income to supplement our modest investment income. We do not consider ourselves to be experts by any means, but we have learned a lot during the past 3 years. We've been a lot of places. We've done a lot of things. Each person, couple, family does lives this crazy lifestyle their own way, and your mileage may vary, as they say. One of the best things about this crazy lifestyle is the people we've met along the way. Friendships have formed and as unlikely as it sounds, our social calendar is busier now than it was when we lived in one place all the time. We've shared amazing experiences with these friends, causing us to bond in ways we could never have imagined.

rvsue and her canine crew   RVers of the Month July 2020
I'm a single woman in my sixties exploring the western U.S., living full-time in a 17-foot Casita Liberty Deluxe with my canine crew. I'm originally from northern New York and formerly from Florida. I sold my home in Athens, Georgia, where I was a teacher, and two days later headed west to pick up my travel trailer, subsequently dubbed the Best Little Trailer (BLT), and to begin a new lifestyle as a vagabond. The BLT is what I consider the Best Little Trailer, a 2011 17-foot Casita Liberty Deluxe which was the full-time home for me and my crew from August 2011 to May 2018. The PTV is the Perfect Tow Vehicle. It's a 2005 Chevy Express Van with a V-8, 5.3 liter engine and equipped with a 200-watt solar panel on the roof and two AGM batteries inside. A blogorino is a reader who opens up the comment section of this blog and writes a message. Blogorinos are kind and friendly and fun to know. We pick up our story of camping next to friends, Del and his canine crew, at Midland. Reggie, Roger and I are no longer full-time RVers; this camping trip is our first since moving into our regular home in southeastern Arizona two years ago.

The Charming Adventures of the Millers   RVers of the Month June 2020
We bought our first RV in 2013, when Philip was planning to participate in RAGBRAI, a legendary week-long bicycle ride where you and 20,000 of your closest friends ride your bike across the state of Iowa in one big epic rolling party. Rather than tent camping, we thought it would be a lot more enjoyable to be in an RV after each long day on a narrow bike seat. We loved the experience and have never looked back. We occasionally reside in Scottsdale, Arizona, but try to be on the road in our Fleetwood Southwind 34C RV for six out of every twelve months. We have continued to enjoy the ease of traveling, and enjoying all the comforts of home, while visiting unique places and seeing amazing sights. If we are not on the open road, we are dreaming about being on the road, or plotting and planning future adventures. Elsie 2 is our second RV, and her name pays homage to our original rig, Lucky Charm. Say "L.C." out loud, and you get "Elsie". She's a 2019 Fleetwood Southwind 34C.

Lowes Travels    RVers of the Month May 2020
We retired early at the beginning of 2012, sold our house and almost all of our belongings and moved into our RV. We are pursuing our dream of traveling the U.S. and Canada for several years and seeing everything and everyplace we can. Mona Liza and I started seriously considering full-timing in an RV in 2006. My parents lived in a Class-A motorhome for several years, and I was their "lead mechanic". So I was somewhat familiar with the lifestyle. Being the adventurous person she is, Mona Liza was perfectly willing to start looking at RV's and consider this huge change for us. She is a brave soul; much more so than I. Fulltiming was a foreign word to me when Steve broached the idea of living in a motorhome and traveling around the country. The thought of retiring early to travel and see the beautiful country was very enticing. As we explored, researched and thought about it the more interested I became. Living in a motorhome and being mobile anytime is a whole new lifestyle and new experience for both of us. Come and tag along in our journey and see how we fare in our crazy lifestyle.

Chasing Dirt    RVers of the Month April 2020
Welcome aboard. We are Joodie (say Judy) and TBG (The Big Guy.) We like to go out in nature and walk around in what we think are interesting places. To mix it up, we sometimes bike or kayak instead. No matter our mode of transport, we especially like to espy critters. We have enjoyed exploring together since 1996, and in 2014 we added a 2003 Chinook Destiny RV (Arvie) to our outdoor arsenal so that we could get to more interesting places even further away. In April 2018 we traded her for a 38ft 2005 Newmar Dutch Star (Essie.) To find out how I arrived at the name click here. We tow a 2014 Honda CR-V named Hond, the Dutch word for dog, because our toad follows the Dutch Star around, hence is a Dog Star. As of August 2018, we are living full-time on the road in early retirement. I do all of the writing and some of the photography. TBG does all the really good photography (for more of his work, follow him on IG and offers suggestions on what I should write about that I occasionally actually consider. If you fancy photo-enhanced accounts of people walking around in interesting places espying critters and living the full-time life of sweet freedom, this is your lucky day.

Ramblin' Ralph's      RVers of the Month March 2020
I bought my new truck and used camper in late October of 2005. The following May, I hit the road full-time for 6 months. I've done the same every year since, and now 2019 will be my 14th year of ramblin'. My how time flies. Not all of my nights are spent camping, but most are. I don't make entries that are repeats of previous campgrounds or when I stay with my kids or friends. Campsite fees are for one night with no discount and no hookups, unless specified. However, being the old geezer that I am, I get 50 percent off at U.S. Guvmint CGs with the valuable Golden Age card, plus free entry to National Parks. One of the few ways in addition to retirement it pays to get older. All the aches and pains sure aren't fun.I started my travels this year with about 125K miles on my camper and 187K miles on my truck. I took my camper to the Lance factory before my 2014 travels and had some structural repairs done to it. It should be in good shape for several more years of travel. Of course, my old body will probably wear out before the camper. How my truck is equipped: 2006 GMC 2500HD: Short bed, extended cab, 6.0L V8 gas engine, automatic transmission. Torklift Frame mounted tiedowns, Fastgun Turnbuckles and StableLoad suspension enhancers. Ride-Rite Air Bags. Hellroaring Technologies Battery Isolator: Allows the truck to charge the camper batteries, but keeps the camper from discharging the truck battery. Bilstein Heavy Duty Shocks, I added them after 3 years with air bags only.

4 Million Miles To Go   RVers of the Month February 2020
Our goal is to share the good, the bad and the amusing parts of our life living in an RV with our dogs with our friends and family. We will also use it to track our travels and adventures in a much more structured and organized fashion. The opinions and views are our own. This blog won't be for everybody, we are not everyone's cup of tea. If you don't like our space, please stow the comments and move on. Welcome to our space, our virtual living room if you will. We are in our late 20's and travel the country full-time. We decided in March of 2018 that a sedentary lifestyle wasn't for us. We are transient, nomadic souls who have a lust for change and crave adventure. So Grab a drink and click around.This blog is relatively new so don't be too critical. I'm still getting the hang of this. The first rig in our fleet is our Grand Design Momentum who is accompanied by our F350 dually. We refer to them as Bonnie and Clyde our dynamic duo. She is 42 feet long and is our main home on wheels. She is a hefty girl weighing in at a whopping 20,000lbs. Our toy of choice these days is our RZR Turbo Gimp. Meet my Sweet Caroline. She is our 1973 Airstream Excella 500 and she is the most beautiful tin can I have ever laid eyes on....

Wandering His Wonders  RVers of the Month January 2020
In anticipation of traveling when we retired, I have been reading travel blogs for years. My favorite thing is to go to the very first entry in hopes of getting some background on the travelers to better understand their journey. We have been married for 33 years. If using that to determine our ages, Mark is fast to quip that we were both ten years old when we got married. Our marriage has been blessed with two amazing sons, and we are proud that they are now on their own. All of our married life we have enjoyed traveling together. Denisa has been in all 50 states and a number of foreign countries as well. But all of those trips were done on a tight schedule with a very precise itinerary. The thought of not having to be back to work on Monday sounds delicious. We are really looking forward to the luxury of wandering between sites. We have lived in Western Oklahoma all of our lives, and we're really looking forward to living all over this grand country--staying in places long enough to get a feel for the culture and way of life of our neighbors around the USA! We did the math and discovered that two can live pretty inexpensively. We have been saving our pennies for a long time, and if we continue to live conservatively, we think we can make this thing happen. After days of very serious shopping, we decided to buy a used 2013 Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA at Davis Motorhomes in Memphis, Tennessee.

Fun and Sun Seekers       RVers of the Month December 2019
I always thought that a motorhome would fit our needs better than a travel trailer. I had read about folks parking in Walmart parking lots, rest areas etc and I liked the idea of being able to move from the driver seat to the bathroom or bed without having to go outside. Our current set up is a 32FT Windsport motorhome and a Jeep Wrangler that we tow. We have really enjoyed it, traveling across our great state, from the coast to the mountains and looking forward to expanding our travels further out west to see what's out there to explore and experience. During the time that I have been surfing the internet learning all I can about traveling with an RV, maintenance issues and where to go I started reading RV blogs. I discovered that folks enjoy sharing there experiences, tips and advice and photographs. I also discovered different reasons that folks blog, some do it as a journal so that they can record there travels to different locations and what they did. Also a neat thing I learned was that it was a way that they were able to keep their families and friends posted on where they were and what was going with there travels. With that Fun and Sun Seekers blog has been created and I hope that you will enjoy our writing and photographs as Tammy and I seek fun and sun.

Throwing Caution to the Wind     RVers of the Month November 2019
Diane and I meet in Portland Oregon in 1998. Diane and I have always loved to vacation on the back of a motorcycle and see the country. For years we have talked about getting a RV and travel the US at a slower pace and really get a flavor of what's out there. We just didn't know when. I grew up poor and always had that in the back of my mind I guess. Feeling I had to make more and more and more. And I had to have the toys that went along with success. At times I stop and say, what the hell have we done. Doing away with a good paying job in a down economy, selling our home in a down market, moving into a 400 sqft tin can, taking a huge cut in pay. Have we lost our mind? But then Diane reminds me that we have worked hard and saved money and have been fortunate to have made some good decisions and it's a smart thing to start enjoying life a little more while we can.So that's it. Probably won't be much exciting to add until we hit the road. But at that time we plan to use this to document our adventures, travels and obstacles as we move around this great country of ours.

Chapter 3 Travels     RVers of the Month October 2019
We've been on a mission to see as much of the United States as possible while traveling full time in our motorhome. We came to the realization many years ago that the things we valued most in life weren't things at all, but rather the places we went, the things we learned, the foods we ate, and the people we got to know. Armed with a healthy appreciation for our own mortality and realizing that we could walk our own path, we came up with a plan to turn our dream of full time travel into reality. We love our home on wheels, a Tiffin Allegro 36LA, and have found it surprisingly easy to adjust to life in less than 300 square feet. We've come to appreciate exactly what it is that we need to be happy and we've jettisoned all the other unnecessary stuff. We've been extremely content with our choice and haven't missed our old "sticks and bricks" house for a second. We love cities, but we also enjoy getting away from it all. Therefore, we try to balance our visits to cosmopolitan, diverse, and engaging cities with visits to places that allow us to get out into nature usually by hiking, but also by biking and the occasional kayak trip. This effort to balance cities with state and national parks also helps us balance our budget. We prefer to travel slowly, spending at least a week in most places, but sometimes, extending our stays to a month or more.

Live Laugh RV     RVers of the Month September 2019
I was exposed to camping and RVing at a young age. Wanting to travel regularly, I became a Flight Attendant which led to marrying a Pilot. Although the aviation lifestyle was great, it was not conducive to starting a family. I quit aviation, became a Realtor, worked for a couple of Home Builders and eventually I started my own company in Home Building. Oh, add in a couple of kids just for fun. After years of running a business and raising children it was time for a break, time for a change, time to travel and explore. time to hit the road in an RV. Al grew up in a small farm town in Illinois and travel was something he dreamt about. After college, he became a Naval Officer and Aviator. This was an exciting adventure well beyond those small-town dreams. The Navy took him all over the world. He decided to leave the military and go into Commercial Aviation where he fell in love with a Flight Attendant ten years his junior. Years later, Al left aviation, joined Ingrid in the business and is now retired. well, kind of. In June of 2013, we moved into our RV full-time, and now home is where we park it. Since 2018 and with both our children living in Phoenix, you'll find us spending most of our time meandering around the state of Arizona or any number of her neighboring states with only the occasional jaunt well beyond the southwest. Weather, whims and family dictate our travels.

The Wandering Camels     RVers of the Month August 2019
Some people think we are crazy to be undertaking this change in lifestyle. Maybe knowing where we've come from will help them understand why we want to make such a drastic change. So for those who don't know us and those who wonder how we came to this decision... That fall Dave and I went on our first road trip, we visited VA Beach and Lancaster PA. The summer of '83 we moved in together and were engaged that Christmas. In the summer of '85 we were married and honeymooned island hopping around Hawaii... This all led up to the "what are we waiting for" question, why not take some of the vacations/road trips we had talked about. Why wait till retirement. At this point Dave was getting close to 30 years at IBM and I was back in banking... Our home is a 2012 Keystone Montana Mountaineer 295RKD, with 2 slides it is less than 300 sq ft. While being newbies when purchasing this RV we do like the floor plan, we had some very specific opinions on what we wanted, no shower or vanity in the bedroom and no looking through a dining area to see the TV and fireplace. Of course we had a budget that we tried to stick around, overall we are very happy with our purchase, we did have some issues the first year, hopefully they are all taken care of. We have purchased an extended warranty, time will tell whether or not that was a good choice. In January of 2014 while in TX we upgrade our truck to a 2012 Chevy 3500HD DRW, crew cab with a long bed.

Back Roads and Other Stories     RVers of the Month July 2019
Welcome to our little adventure corner. We started our RVing experience in 2018 in a Class B Carado Banff campervan. Join us as we travel on short and long trips across North America. We just hit our sixties and will retire soon so that we can travel more. In the meantime, we just travel whenever we can for as long as we can. Follow us as we follow the road, and yes, the destination may or may not matter. We will share with you stories and tips on campervan travel; DIY fixes, hacks, life on the road, beautiful vistas, cooking in the van. Tony is a contractor/carpenter and Margie is a recovering archaeologist/manager, so we may come up with some surprise, off-topic articles as inspiration may hit us. We'd love to hear your ideas, your experiences, and how you handled certain camper-vanning situations, so drop us a line. For us, a walk in the forest is a source of inspiration on many levels; aside from the obvious benefits of exercise and fresh air, void of the internet and Netflix, this is where our visions eventually align to create the magic of change and feed our wanderlust.

Rubber Tramp Artisit    RVers of the Month June 2019
I’ve been a rubber tramp for nearly a decade.I like to see places I’ve never seen before, and I like to visit the places I love again and again. For most of my years on the road, my primary residence was my van. For almost half of the time I was a van dweller, I was going it alone.I was a work camper in a remote National Forest recreation area on a mountain for four seasons. I was a camp host and parking lot attendant for two seasons and wrote a book about my experiences called Confessions of a Work Camper: Tales from the Woods. During the last two seasons as a work camper on that mountain, I was a clerk in a campground store. I’m also a house and pet sitter, and I pick up odd jobs when I can. I’m primarily a writer, but I also create beautiful little collages; hand make hemp jewelry and warm, colorful winter hats; and use my creative and artistic skills to decorate my life and brighten the lives of others. I am more than just a rubber tramp artist. I’m fat. I’m funny. I’m flawed. I try to be kind. I’m often grouchy. I am awed by the stars in the dark desert night. I hope my writing moves people.I hope you appreciate the time and energy I put into each post.

The Charming Adventures      RVers of the Month May 2019
We are Philip and Tessa Miller of Scottsdale, Arizona. Our first RV Adventure was in 2013. Philip wanted to participate in the week-long RAGBRAI bike ride, where you and 20,000 of your closest friends ride your bike across the state of Iowa in one big epic rolling party. We thought about renting an RV for the occasion, but then said "Let's just buy one." We knew the model we wanted, but had never driven it (or any RV, for that matter). We located the perfect model in Las Cruces, New Mexico -- bought it over the phone sight unseen and then flew there to drive her back home. That was just the beginning of lots of good times. We did shorter trips (1-6 weeks) while we still had teenagers living at home. Now that we are empty-nesters and Philip is partially retired, we can go for much longer, our longest trip so far is 5 months. We love RV'ing, and the planning is sometimes as much fun as the actual trip. We are NOT "fly by the seat of your pants" travelers; we always have a very detailed itinerary and reservations along the way. It's less stressful to us that way.

ROAMLAB    RVers of the Month April 2019
We started Roam Lab in San Francisco, California. The rental market was expanding into a massive bubble, a pretty popular activity in the Bay Area, and we didn't want our budgets expanding with it. Instead, we decided to participate in another popular Bay Area activity: starting our own business. But we didn't want to start our business in San Francisco. Instead, we pool our savings, got a van, and mix business with pleasure by living and working on the road. After a year of research, we knew what we wanted and were monitoring Craigslist. When a 1970 Avion truck camper was listed for sale in Florida, we jumped in the truck and took off. The last year and a half has been spent in progressive improvements to the loved but aged camper. We live an alternating life of work, renovation, and adventure. Our Avion continues to be a work in progress. So, when we aren't exploring the country side, we are adding incremental improvements to our home on wheels. Most recently, we extended the sleeping area and added a roof hatch. We have so many more exciting modifications up our sleeves that we can't wait to share with you.

Travels with Ollie     RVers of the Month March 2019
We're the McKnights from York PA, mostly retired (except for a few volunteer commitments) and spending half our time on the road in our 24' travel trailer, Ollie. We've been camping since the Big Red1960's when we were pup tent purists, scoffing at big rigs wedged in next to our humble abode. Through the years we've slept in backpacking tents of various sizes, adding air mattresses at some point, and eventually cots. In 2013 we took a big step up when we graduated to a truck tent (neatly attached to our son's truck, Big Red) for our month-long trip to The Badlands and Beyond. It was a fabulous trip and our arrangement worked so well that we did another month long trip in the spring of 2015, this time following The Great River Road from the headwaters of the Mississippi down to New Orleans. The month of May proved to be quite chilly and damp, and we decided that if we wanted to continue camping, especially in the off season, we needed to upgrade our accommodations a bit. When we discovered Oliver Travel Trailers, it was love at first sight. The rest is history, and it's all recorded in this blog.

Mountain Modern Life      RVers of the Month February 2019
That's right, we're going to buy an RV, give it some DIY love and then hit the road! Think we are crazy? I wouldn't blame you, but you gotta follow the beat to your own drum, and this is something we've talked about for years. Of course it was always one of those, someday dreams and it wasn't until recently that Eric and I both started working remotely, which means we can live wherever we want! Now think about that for a second... We don't know how long we will be Rving, a couple months, 6 months, a year? That is yet to be determined, and we won't even be hitting the road until our lease is up August 1st. That's a looooooong way off, yet it will likely be here before we know it. The good news is that it gives us time to plan and research our trip. And possibly time to fix up a less than perfect RV. Our goal of RVing is to visit states we've never been, explore national parks, check out small towns and ultimately figure out exactly where we want to buy land and settle down. Will it be hundreds of miles away, or just down the road? Only time will tell and I'm excited to share the journey with you.In fact I've already spent countless hours doing research and have the excel spreadsheets to prove it. We look forward to sharing more information with you along the way, and would love to hear any advice or questions you may have.

Maineiacs In Motion      RVers of the Month January 2019
We retired from a full time work schedule routine in early 2005 and we have been enjoying our "mostly" retired lifestyle ever since. When not out enjoying America in our "rolling home" (2016 Winnebago Forza 34T) - we hang out in our other home in Topsham, Maine. Another year in the books! And what a year it was for us Maineiacs. On this date a year ago we found ourselves still freezing in Tennessee and heading further south to find some warmth. Today the high temp here in Maine is supposed to be over 40 degrees and we have almost no snow on the ground! We did find some warmth during our short visit to the San Antonio area of Texas and then wandered over to the Gulf Coast of Alabama to visit some Escapee friends at the Rainbow Plantation and enjoy all the Mardi Gras festivities. We picked up "The Wiz", our travel partner for 2018, at the Plantation and then drove over to Florida for a month of really nice weather and more visiting with friends. We made it back to Maine around the first of April to watch the last snowbanks melt. After spending our spring in Maine we made a short trip to New Jersey to celebrate our Granddaughter Graduation. We were on the road for most of July, August, and into September --- seeing what America had to offer, visiting with lots of friends and relatives, having a a blast at the McCloud High School Class of 1968 50th Graduation Reunion, and generally enjoying life.

Roaming Remodelers    RVers of the Month December 2018
Becoming thirty-somethings compelled us to take stock of where we were in life, and honestly examine where the path we were heading down would likely lead. As it turns out, the path we were heading down was not likely leading to the life we dreamed of. So taking to heart many of our favorite motivational quotes, we decided to make some changes, and remodel our life. Career changes made it possible to purchase and remodel our first home. We knew a live-in flip of that property would allow us to begin to aggressively pursue our life dreams and goals. Initially inspired by the Tiny House Movement, Plan A was to downsize, and move to a city with a lower cost of living and greater accessibility to nature. Before long we came up with a Plan B and C and… What if we build a shipping container home instead, or a tiny cottage, or, or, or…? Our RV adventure began in August of 2016 when we left our native South Florida with plans for an 800 sq. ft. house in hand, figuring we would live in an RV during the build. The realization that we had the opportunity to travel the country while building our own business ultimately led us to halt our home build, and pursue loftier goals and ambitions. Along the way, we are continually making more changes and adjustments. We left our "normal" 9-5 jobs, and are focused on unlocking our full potential as digital nomads. What can we make? What will we create? What opportunities will we explore? We're excited to find out, and we hope you will follow along with us on this journey.

Live, Breathe, Move    RVers of the Month November 2018
In 2013, my wife Robin and I decided to make a major life change. We sold our house, cars and a majority of our possessions, bought a 5th wheel travel trailer and a diesel truck, quit our corporate jobs and moved into a 450 square foot cabin, 9500 ft up a mountain with our two cats and two big dogs. All with the intention of slowing down, simplifying our lives, and experiencing more of this vast continent through travel. At least to start, we are going to be what some people call "Snowbirds". People that live in one house during the warmer months and then flee for warmer climates in their Recreational Vehicles when the weather turns. I guess we will also be what people call "Technomads". Basically this term refers to people, like my wife and I, that are self employed, primarily conduct business online, and that live on the road as a lifestyle choice. Apparently we are a growing segment of the population. This is the travel blog-site for Jeremy and Robin. Here is where we intend to share our journey toward success in life and fill in some of the details of what goes on after we get up in the morning and before we go to bed at night; wherever that may be. Sometimes we may post together and sometimes we may post separate. Either way, this blog will be our outlet to our friends, family, and anyone else that wants to read along as we Live, Breathe, and Move.

Off Our Rocker RV   RVers of the Month October 2018
We are Dave & Kathy Boland. This site shares our life as full-time travelers that live in a 25-foot RV following a dream of exploring North America on wheels. We created OORRV to inspire others who dream of this lifestyle to give it a try. Follow along and enjoy our crazy journey. Why do we travel full time in an RV? We’ve been told it’s because we are “off our rocker” crazy. We might be a bit crazy but we were that way living in a house, too, so there is more to it. The travel bug hit us many years ago and we did go as much as life would allow. Finances, jobs, and family obligations stopped us from going places and exploring the world as often as we would have liked. From early on in our relationship we planned to retire early and fashioned our spending and savings to accommodate that goal. The world was ours to explore. We tried doing car trips and cruising but we were always rushed from place to place and didn’t have the opportunity to immerse ourselves into the local culture. It also didn’t solve the issue of the cold winter weather that we no longer wished to experience. We purchased our RV in July of 2016 and off we went traveling at first around Wisconsin and then a nine week trip to the east coast and back. Upon returning we knew that this was the life for us. We absolutely love this life and have no regrets. We love meeting new friends, seeing new things, and experiencing life on our terms. We are a bit crazy and “off our rocker” and that’s okay with us.

newschoolnomads   RVers of the MonthSeptember 2018
We are a family on the road. Last year we decided to follow our dreams and spend a year or more traveling the United States in an rv with our 3 pets. This blog chronicles our journey, the treasures we find, the people we meet, and the simple moments that fuel our souls. Traveling the country in an rv had been our dream for years but we were always waiting for the “perfect” time.The wait is over. There is no perfect time. We took our family on the road so we can live our dream to see all 50 states before the boys grow up. We only get one life to live we’ve decided we don’t want to wait around regretting our choices and fearing the future. We are trying to embrace each day as a chance to live purposely. We don’t know what the future holds but we do know we want to live more simply. To live more intentionally. To live more adventurously. Along the way… We stumble. We fall. We (mostly me) throw tantrums. But… We catch each other. We get back up. We wipe away the tears. And… We move on, investing in moments, because “moments” are the threads of this big crazy beautiful tapestry that we call our lives. We hope you’ll join our family on the road.

RV-A-GOGO    RVers of the Month August 2018
"Have you ever wanted to sell everything you own and just "take off?" Travel the country's back roads, paddle down a meandering stream, experience breath-taking mountain views, walk among 100-year old trees, and just marvel at America's beauty? That is the dream that my partner, Betsy, and I decided to make a reality. This blog describes our adventure. The food we eat, people we meet, sights we see, and the enjoyment we find in traveling. Now that Betsy and Nancy are traveling across the country, new opportunities will present themselves. Betsy's plans are to continue writing a book that describes the use of technology to save endangered species. Nancy hopes to work seasonal jobs as a wildlife biologist or continue in the culinary field. Needless to say, travelling seems to always provide gracious inspiration that allows the soul to feel and the mind to wander. We sold our belongings, stored the remainder and have decided that our travels will lead us to a new place to settle. Where that is we don't know, nor does it matter at this point in time. That is the fun of the adventure. In the meantime, we will be chasing sunsets, photographing rainbows, kayaking and watching glorious sunsets. After five years with our Phaeton, we decided to purchase a new motorhome that gave us a little more room and more amenities. The coach that caught our eyes was a 2015 Entegra Coach 45' Anthem DLQ. After looking at these coaches for a couple of years, we were really impressed with the quality, floorplan, reputation and, especially, their two-year warranty."

Our Odyssey    RVers of the Month June 2018
Prior to moving aboard Odyssey, we lived in San Jose, California. Each of us had lived in the south bay area for nearly 20 years, with varied backgrounds prior to that. We met in 1997 at a motorcycle campout, motorcycling being one of our shared passions. In 2003 we were married, the second one for each of us. Neither of us has any children. "Odyssey" is the name of our 40' Neoplan bus. We now live aboard Odyssey full-time, and have no fixed residence at all. We purchased Odyssey in 2001, with the idea of renovating it and eventually moving aboard to tour full-time. Our plans were accelerated when, later that year, Sean's job at a Silicon Valley start-up evaporated along with his company, at a time when available high-tech vice-presidential positions were scarce. Sean began working on the bus plans full-time, and Louise started looking for a buyer for her business, Information Publications.By early 2003, we were both officially "retired" and living off savings that Sean squirreled away during the glory days of Silicon Valley start-ups and the proceeds of Louise's business sale. Renovations on Odyssey were well under way, and we began the process of condensing our lives down to what would fit in a 40' bus.We finally moved aboard in August of 2004, before the coach was even painted. We rented out our San Jose condominium, and moved our official domicile to Washington state. We chronicle our travels and misadventures almost daily in a blog.

RV There Yet     RVers of the Month May 2018
Time passes quickly, more quickly than we ever imagined, and all of a sudden we were preparing to retire. We moved from the Washington, D.C. area to Green Cove Springs, FL, to be closer to family and then it hit us! We weren't ready to just settle down and enjoy our retirement....just yet. Full-timing in an RV was really my idea, and I almost croaked when RV agreed with me. So our journey begins....telling our family who was supportive of our idea, but didn't believe us; telling our wonderful friends, who didn't believe we'd go through with it; and more important was getting rid of ALL that STUFF we've been carrying around for years. Our house sold quicker than we anticipated so we began shopping seriously for the right coach for our needs and decided on a new 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bus, 40' diesel pusher, with 400 HP. When you pull out of your drive that last time, you say goodbye to a lot of support services you'll never need again; however, you say hello to other types of support services you're going to need. And that's what makes all this so interesting. We are enjoying the freedom our country gives us to travel and to experience meeting and talking to people who are just like us. In time, I'd like to devote some of our blog to introduce you to some of our friends on the road - full-timers just like ourselves. If you see us going down the road you'll notice we pull our car behind us. When we arrive at our new destination, we usually travel within about a 100 mile radius in our car to try to learn more about the area and its historical significance in our country.

The Roadrunner Chronicles     RVers of the Month April 2018
I don't know exactly what prompted us to stop in at an RV dealer and talk with them but it definitely got the wheels churning. My first question was how 'regular' people could afford this. I went next door to a KOA to get some coffee early in the morning and talking with some folks who were working there and lived in there RV. I didn't think much of it then but eventually we became aware of 'workamping'. That was one way people financed living in an RV. Eventually I got immersed in blogs on the internet and was reading them for hours a day. And I found a number of forums to answer my many questions. And we started taking day-trips to RV dealers climbing all over hundreds of RVs. And we'd look at RVs when we went on vacation (to Orlando, Tampa, California, etc). Over the 2 1/2 years it took us to think about it, decide and go for it, we ended up visiting 10 states and 32 dealerships. We test drove 16 motorhomes before we decided on our 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bus. We thought the best way for us was to sell our house, take some of the money and buy the RV outright so we did not have a mortgage hanging over our head. We have been on the road since May 2009 and are in our seventh year. We learn something new everyday and like to see and meet new people. We have gotten reacquainted with family and friends from coast to coast and border to border. We have travelled over 100,000 miles. One thing that we love is volunteering and we have done that with two groups: NOMADS and Care-A-Vanners. It gives us a sense of purpose and we love learning about building and fixing up houses.

Pau Hana Travels   RVers of the Month March 2018
We are blessed and fortunate to say we are semi-retired which allows us to get out on the road and see what our beautiful country has to offer. Our name pretty much says it all “Pau Hana”, which translates to Done with Work, Quitting Time or Happy Hour in Hawaiian. We are not your typical full-time RVers (we like to say we are part-time fulltimers) as we still own a “sticks and bricks” back home in Washington State. We spend typically 6-8 month out of the year on the road so we want to have all the creature comforts of home while away. Our Fleetwood Discovery 37R gives us just that. "The Disco” a 2016 Fleetwood Discovery 37R Diesel Pusher. The Disco has been our best rig to date. She’s a perfect size for two people in full-time conditions. She is also a perfect length to get into most State and National Parks. Any longer and that would be a huge hassle. We also love the tank capacities which allow us to stay out on the road longer. So please feel free to follow us on our pau hana adventures of life… we hope you will enjoy the ride.

On the Road of Retirement    RVers of the Month February 2018
Having never RV’ed before my bride, Sharon, and I (John) sold everything we own except what we could fit into our rolling home. We left our working lives behind and only look forward to our future adventures. As we discussed retirement options and locations it was Sharon who first suggested the idea of purchasing a motorhome and traveling. Her motivation was the desire to watch Katie play her last year of softball in college. After discussing this option we decided that to make it financially feasible we would have to sell everything and travel for a minimum of two years. That got the ball rolling and before we knew it and to the amazement of our friends and family we had sold everything we owned except what we could fit into our rolling home. With only two weeks before we were scheduled to retire we finally found a motorhome. A 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bay was going to be our next home.We left our house behind and hit the road on March 3, 2011. Neither of us had ever camped or driven in a motorhome before we made this decision. My first driving experience was the day we bought it when I had to drive 165 miles through Austin Texas to bring our beauty home. That drive home was only the beginning of what has been several years of pleasure for us as we have traveled thousands of miles across the USA. We have no regrets having left our working lives behind and only look forward to our future adventures on this wonderful road of retirement.

Our Awesome Travels   RVers of the Month January 2018
Come join us on our journey of North America in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006. Out of the workforce at 56 yrs old (me George) and Suzie somewhat younger (7years) we are enjoying life, traveling and exploring Canada, USA and Mexico. We have wheels so lets make them turn. Home to both of us is southern Ontario where we usually spend the summer months, visiting with family and friends. Married in 1993 and still on our honeymoon. In the winter months we head south to warmer climates all the way from Florida to California, our favourite spots are Louisiana, all over Texas, New Mexico, California, Mexico, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, Ohio, Omaha, but mostly the desert of southern Arizona, California, Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and more. I have always loved camping (now it's not called camping anymore, its a lifestyle) and had a tent trailer from 1969 until we bought a van conversion in 1995. With a trailer we have to drive a big pickup truck around for errands and sightseeing lostsa fuel all the time. With a coach we use lotsa fuel only when we move from site to site traveling. Once set up we have a car that gets great fuel economy. We had looked at layouts, construction, types of power trains, storage, new verses used, all that. Well in 2006 we came across our dream home on wheels. It was a 1999 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36 feet.

Our Newell Adventure   RVers of the Month December 2017
We began living full time in our motor home on February 1, 2011, and began to travel full time February 1, 2012 after spending a year in a local SoCal county RV park getting used to living in a small space with each other. We are still at it and loving each and every day as if it were our first. Our motorhome is equipped currently with two 150 watt solar panels, and two 160 watt panels installed by A.M. Solar out of Springfield, OR. Shortly after we bought the coach we installed wooden floors, and have made minor modifications in the interior (flat screen TV's, recliners, new Dometic absorption fridge) since that date. We completed our purchase of our 36 foot 1982 Newell on March 1st, 2008, and have never looked back since that day. When we took delivery of the Newell it had exactly 103,500 mile on her, and we now have over 167,000 miles on her. Over the 64,000 miles we have driven her we have had one major repair....the water pump, which I wrote about here. I removed and replaced the water pump myself. Other than that it has been a matter of changing the oil and various filters (oil, tranny, fuel) on a periodic basis and replacing the tires every 6 years. Join us now that we have retired and are now fulltiming in our 1982 Motorcoach, and traveling across the width and breadth of the USA. I know, it looks like a bus conversion, but it was built from the ground up to be a motorcoach.

Winnie Views      RVers of the Month November 2017
My family didn't camp much when my brother and I were kids. There was one miserably memorable attempt when we were chased by mosquitoes all day, and in the evening, each given a spoon and a lunchbag and told to go into the woods to hunt for small white rodents called "snipes." Returning empty-handed, we were given S'mores and cups of hot cocoa, and sat around a cozy campfire listening to my stepdad tell us all kinds of tall tales of the "snipes that got away." With a growing love of the outdoors and RVing, by 2012, I knew I needed to make some major changes to my unsatisfied and unfulfilled life. I turned 50, was caring for a mother with terminal cancer, and starting to see long-time dear friends also face major health crises. Would I even still be around by normal retirement age? If so, would I be healthy enough to enjoy it? So after my mom died in 2013, I knew it was finally time to quit my soul-sucking corporate job and start living a life of my own full intentions. I ran off to discover Mexico for the winter and gave full-time RVing one final test run. That felt so good and right that I returned to my house in Chicago in early 2014 and spent the next 6 months selling off all my household possessions. In August of 2014, leaving only 7 modest storage boxes behind in Chicago, I finally officially began life as a full-time RVer!

David and Keng On The Road    RVers of the Month October 2017
Thanks for stopping by. We are David and Keng. In July 2016, after having lived in Richmond, Virginia for 12 years, we retired, bought our RVs, sold our house, became full-time RVers, and moved back to the West. Looking back, it was a big leap of faith and we were glad we did. We’re enjoying the mobile lifestyle and slowly exploring this beautiful country. Come along with us. We completed our relocation from Virginia to Oregon in July 2016. We spent the first few months in Oregon to get our RV set up, visit with friends, and enjoy summer and fall in the Pacific Northwest then headed south. We spent the first winter in Desert Hot Springs. One of the things that worried us during the planning for this transition was our cat, Tiger. We adopted him in 2008 and he had been the center of our attention in Richmond since. Tiger is an outdoor kitty which we didn’t think would transition into a traveling cat very well. Besides, with our travel plan it meant we’d be out of the country for an extended period occasionally. Fortunately, we found a good home for him but it wasn’t without issues. All is good now. So the kitty situation turned out to be the best for him and for us. Stimpy is a 2006 Fleetwood Revolution LE 40E. He was built on Spartan Chassis and has a Caterpillar C9 400 HP diesel engine and Allison MD3000MH transmission. He has a GVWR of 34,000 lb. and a GCWR of 49,000 lb. Ren is a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado extended cab with a Fourwheel Fleet pop-up camper.

Travel with the Bayfield Bunch    RVers of the Month September 2017
From the first day Kelly & I met, it was apparent we had a lot of things in common. Over the years we talked more & more of someday owning a motorhome & traveling around this big beautiful land of ours. In 1997 the dream began to take shape. We bought our first rig, an old 17 foot 1979 Dodge Centurion Class C. It was kinda beat up but it was a start. Next came a 24 foot Prowler travel trailer in 1999. From there, we shifted back to a 23 foot Gulf Stream Conquest Class C . Went all the way down to Big Bend National Park in southern Texas during the winter of 2003 with the Gulf Stream but sold it when we got back because the rig had some issues. Somewhere between then & 2006 we acquired a couple of extra doggy pals so when we decided to get another RV we had to think bigger. After waffling back & forth between a Motor Home or truck & 5th wheel trailer we decided on the truck & trailer combination & headed off for New Mexico & Arizona in the winter of 06/07. The 2004 GMC Sierra 6.0 & the 2005 Rockwood fifth wheel worked well to-gether but it didn't take us long to realize we should have decided on the Motorhome!! Nothing against trucks & fifth wheels but it just wasn't the right set up for us, especially traveling with 3 dogs at the time.

Marlene and Benno's Odysseys on Land and Water    RVers of the Month AUG 2017
Many people know us already from our cruising years on the oceans with “Najade” a 37-foot sailboat and later “Diesel Duck” a 41-foot motor vessel. Discovering fascinating places and making new friends all over the world had been a big part of our lives, while we were full time cruising on our boats for 13 years. It must have been during one of the blizzards that we came to the decision to not want to spend our winters shoveling snow, but rather go somewhere warm like all those Canadian Snowbirds. The RV life looked like a good idea and the interest in RV-ing was born. In short order the travel trailer sold quickly, the Jetta got traded in for a red RAM 1500, 6 Cyl. pickup truck and we treated ourselves to a 19ft. Jay Flight Swift 198 RD travel trailer that suits us just fine to try out and get our foot into RVing. Well, that was then. In March of 2016 our family grew with the addition of our two dachshunds. Although the 19 ft Jayco had been sufficient for the two of us, it now seemed a bit cramped and we were looking to upgrade a bit. For the present time the 2016 model of the Jayco White Hawk 24RKS we call our home from home.

The Traveling Sitcom     RVers of the Month July 2017
In June of 2010, my husband and I made a major life decision. With the kids grown and gone,we were ready to begin a new chapter in our lives. Both of us had jobs in the city. I was an Executive Assistant in a huge corporation, and my husband was a Fleet Manager in another large company. Both of us were tired of the major commute (an hour and a half each way). Both of us were tired of our jobs; tired of city life; tired of the crowds. Let’s face it, we were just plain tired. We needed to come up with a new plan. We quit our jobs, sold our house and everything in it, and hit the road. We plan on seeing the country, and living the stress free life that we hope goes along with it. We are driving a 2013 Itasca Meridian Class A Motorhome, and are traveling with our two Chugs (part Chihuahua, part Pug). We are learning the ropes as we go. And believe me, there is lots to learn. Join in our travels. You will soon see why I call it a Sitcom.

Meet the Colliers     RVers of the Month June 2017
We’re Antwon & Sharee Collier - a husband and wife duo that decided to hit the road fulltime with our kids in 2013. We were stuck in a rut of monotonous life and really needed a change of scenery to get our spunk back. We were sick of living the Standard American Life- so we stopped. We were sick of seeing the same people, day in and day out- so we stopped. We were sick of taking vacations to have a chance to spend time together- so we stopped.In the beginning, we did what everybody else did. Average Americans. We purchased a home, got married in Jamaica, and started a family. We purchased cars, went to school, and worked fulltime. After a few of life’s unexpected twists and turns- we found ourselves wondering… Is this it? Collectively, we made a huge decision to do something big. We came up with a 3 big ideas: 1. Move to the beach. 2. Live in an RV fulltime 3. Sail around the world.

Camper Chronicles   RVers of the Month May 2017
Our names are Lee and Tracy Perkins and we have been full-time RVers since November of 2015, traveling in a 40 foot Open Range fifth wheel. After 25 years of marriage and raising 3 beautiful daughters, we knew we needed to find a way to reconnect with each other and deal with our empty nest, so despite having never camped before, we decided to try RVing. A few months later our plans to become full timers were in full swing. In a relatively short amount of time, we sold our house, Lee quit his job and Tracy took her corporate job on the road. Our main goal in this blog is to write what we wish we could have read prior to becoming full timers. To that end it is as honest as we can stand to be and includes detailed information on our monthly expenses and revenue. We have certainly made our share of mistakes along the way, but also had some amazing moments and hopefully you will enjoy reading about them.

Drive Dive Devour    RVers of the Month April 2017
We're two travelers passionate about exploring, scuba diving, and food. The best places to discover on or off the beaten path. The best spots to scuba dive in a state you would never think of diving. And the best local food to make your stomach growl. This is what excites us in traveling and what we want to share with you. While living in the NYC/NJ metro area, we got into camping and bought a pop-up camper to take a break from city life and explore the Poconos and Catskills. This planted a seed, a seed that would grow into this adventure you’re reading about now. We were happy in our pop-up. We were always happy on the road exploring new places and experiencing new things. Maybe we could do this full-time; no permanent home except the one we drive. So we planned, saved, researched, and then jumped in with both feet. We left our corporate jobs to use our design skills as consultants on the road (deglossed.com) and bought a home on wheels. Join us for our new life and new adventure as we explore all the nooks and crannies of America to see what makes each region unique.

RV Love    RVers of the Month March 2017
We’re full-time RVers who are now into our 3rd year of living and traveling in our RV and our mission is to help you hit the road so you can live and love a life of freedom, fun and travel too. Since June of 2014, we’ve visited all of the lower 48 states, explored national parks and state parks, stayed in private campgrounds and dry camped in the middle of the desert. We’ve summered in Maine, wintered in Arizona, hiked the rocky mountains in Colorado, parasailed in the Florida Keys, driven up into Canada and walked across the border into Mexico. We’re not retired and we don’t have a trust fund either. When we started, we had very little knowledge of what was what in the world of RVs – there are so many to choose from. Finally, after several months of focused and intensive research, we ended up buying a gas powered Class A motorhome. It’s a 2012 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 35QBA (bunkhouse model) and so far, we love it.

Two Lanes of Freedom    RVers of the Month February 2017
We’re a young at heart couple with a taste for the crazy. We’re from the hills of Tennessee, though when we say “from”, we just mean that it’s the place most fondest in our hearts and it is where we have lived the longest. Today we are perpetual travelers that rarely live in one place more than two weeks. We’ve been in love for over a quarter of a century and have developed a taste for discovering something new. This unhinged wind lifted our sail once again in 2014 at the age of 49 and 50 and propelled us into a flipped-out ride of selling everything we loved and owned and exchanging it all for a little turtle shell with wheels that we could tug around America. This website and the tales we share here have blossomed from a new years resolution. It’s a way for us to make a road map of sorts with the pictures and places this journey takes us. We’d love for you to tag along, jump in the creek with us from time to time, sing along and let’s see where this little buggy goes..

Drivin' and Vibin'     RVers of the Month December 2016
We are Olivia, Kyle and River Moon. We enjoy learning, traveling, and connecting. Our dream is to live deliberately and minimally, removing the clutter and fostering our relationships with the community and the natural world. We currently live fulltime in our camper, exploring all of life’s nuances as we ease down the road. Our lovely 16' Fiber Stream Camper was manufactured in 1985. And, here’s how we made it our home… Once Olivia & I decided to live a life on the road, one of our first challenges was finding a camper suitable for our needs and finances. We also wanted something we could tow with our 2004 Ford Ranger Edge. This meant the camper had to be under 4000lbs, and no more than 20 feet long. The majority of campers that fit these requirements were the fiberglass, eggshell style – Casita, Scamp, etc… We didn’t want to break the bank to purchase a camper either. Months of scouring Craigslist, trailer classified ads, and our local streets led to many visits (sometimes sketchy) to potential home-on-wheels. The searches led to finding our unique Fiber Stream; it was right in our budget and had lots of potential.

Venture Wild     RVers of the Month January 2017
Life is just one big adventure. Venture Wild is a place, for the doers, explorers, dream chasers and anyone who has a travel itch. Wether you’re planning your next trip, or just dreaming about an adventure, inspiration abounds on this site! Living and exploring out of their 2016 Winneabago Travato, Katie & Dj are full of tips and tricks, for traveling on the road, and getting the best out of each destination!

Ditching Suburbia     RVers of the Month October 2016
We left a traditional suburban life in 2010 to travel the USA full-time by RV. Our oldest is Harrison and he’s 19. He’s a sports fan, reader, and vocal percussionist. He recently exited from the RV to take a fulltime job back in our hometown. Our second is Miranda. She’s 18 and is our resident animal whisperer never having met an animal she didn’t like. She’s completed a Humane Society Internship this summer and looking into a possible career as a Vet Tech. We write about leaving a suburban life in search of simpler living, closer family, richer education, and uncommon adventure. We purged our stuff, found a friend to stay in our house, and hit the road to spend a year traveling the USA by RV. The year wasn’t enough. We came back and sold the house. We gave away everything that didn’t fit in the RV. We returned to the road fulltime as location-independent tech-nomads.

Trips by the Saumure   RVers of the Month November 2016
We have been travelling and camping together since 1974. Now retired and have taken our travelling to a whole new level. On June 30, 2012, the day after Danielle retired, we took off on an epic trip which took us to Alaska, then south through Yellowstone National Park and back home. In the winter of 2013, we went to Florida, to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and also to Texas. The following winter, in 2014, we returned to the US but this time to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Utah. On that trip we visited 14 US National Parks. In the summer of 2014 we purchased a truck and a 28 ft travel trailer. During Winter 2015 we returned to Arizona and California with our goal to visit the large cities of California and the California coastal road. For the 2016 winter, we went to Florida for 3 months and went by the US east coast and visit its small cities and historic towns. In the winter of 2017 we are planning to go to Arizona and California for 4 months and and visit BLM's and also small cities and historic towns.

The More We Explore   RVers of the Month Sept 2016
We are adventurers, videographers, photographers, travelers, minimalists, and explorers. We love exploring this amazing planet. We have always loved the outdoors. In 2012, we set a goal to go tent camping once a month. By 2013, once a month wasn't enough. In 2014, we camped 58 nights in a tent, and we still wanted more. Before we knew it, our house started feeling like a burden, and we decided to sell. As we sold our house, we looked at tiny houses and small apartments. Eventually we migrated to started researching RVs and we loved the idea of being able to travel with our home. From there, we set a goal to live in an RV full-time and keep exploring this great country. For the next several years, we will be living in our Airstream, traveling wherever the winds may blow us, in search of great friends, great trails to hike, ride, paddle, and explore. This is our journey as we try to explore more of the world and seek to enrich our lives and the lives of others.

The Reckless Choice      RVers of the Month August 2016
Hi, we’re Nik and Allison White. We’re under 30 and we live in an RV. We both still work real jobs, we just live in an RV and drive around the country. In 2015 we decided that we wanted to be able to hang out outside more because the whole buying a house and commuting to work thing was getting kinda old. Other than being young and continuing to work, we are a little different from many RVers in some other ways too. We don’t stay at RV parks much; we prefer to dry camp or boondock for free out in the middle of nowhere. We bought a used 1989 26 ft motorhome and gutted the interior and rebuilt everything from the wood up to make it exactly the way we wanted. This blog chronicles our adventures with renovating a the rig and the travels that we take it on.The blog is named after a line from the Robert Frost poem “The Sound of the Trees."

American RoadTrip      RVers of the Month July 2016
In the fall of 2015 we decided we weren't very happy living the 'American Dream' (am I even allowed to say that?) ; ). We had just gotten married in 2013, and we were both working like crazy at full time jobs and as landlords. We hardly saw each other, and felt tremendous guilt in leaving our pups (whom we adore) home alone all day. We knew we wanted to sell our house in the city, but we were unable to find another affordable option in the country. The idea sort of snuck up on both of us at the same time. And finally it was decided, we would sell our house, get rid of our stuff, and move into an RV. Crazy, right? But we haven't looked back since.Our goal is to try to visit as many states as possible over the course of a year, which makes each stop short and sweet. So far we are learning a lot about this country, meeting new people & making some mistakes along the way.. but loving it. Our home this year is a 2008 31' Class C motorhome with 2 slide outs, which is definitely roomy enough for the two of us and our dogs. We are using a tow dolly to pull our Honda Fit.

Live Small Ride Free      RVers of the Month June 2016
We are Ching and Jerud, a couple of outdoor enthusiasts who decided it was time to make the nomadic lifestyle happen for ourselves. Our lifestyle and setup on the road is driven by our belief that with our passion for the outdoors comes our responsibility to take care of it. With that in mind, we hit the road with the goal to show that living fossil fuel free in an RV is possible. But seeing that it’s hasn’t really been done before (not that we’re aware of), this is kind of an experiment. One that includes a 25 ft. RV that is powered by solar panels and a truck that runs on waste vegetable oil. Living on the road, specifically in RVs, vans, buses and tiny homes, is getting to be more popular. Our goal here is to share our experiences - specifically that living on the road sustainably, even fossil fuel free, in an RV is doable. We want this site to be a hub of information about life on the road, living sustainably in an RV, DIY on various things, how to rebuild an RV, and anything outdoor related.

Our Rv Travels      RVers of the Month May 2016
Liz and I currently live in Brunswick, GA just north of Jacksonville, FL. We retired here in 2009 after meeting and working for over 30 years in the Washington D.C. area. We decided in October of 2014 that we wanted to travel more and be able to take our dog Montana with us. That led us to the idea of trying an RV. We bought a travel trailer to try out the lifestyle, and ended up loving it. In eight months we have traveled over 7000 miles and spent 70 nights in it. We also decided that there was no reason to pay for the upkeep of the house if we would be gone the majority of the time. So we have decided to sell our house, downsize and get a new RV that meets our needs. We decided to start this blog so family, friends and anyone else interested can share in our adventure and maybe learn from our travels or give us advice through their comments.

Wandering With Purpose       RVers of the Month April 2016
A process that was years in the making, Kelly and I began living from the road as proper full-timers on April 3, 2015. Born and raised in the Midwest, we’ve spent the bulk of our adult lives living in Chicago and Seattle. In November 2011 we relocated from Seattle to San Francisco, a move that afforded us the opportunity to significantly downsize. Everyone knows about the outrageous housing costs in the Bay Area and we had no interest in getting caught-up in that game. Instead, we bought an Airstream and began living very comfortably at an RV park in Half Moon Bay. With the transition to a tiny living space, we shed nearly all of our belongings, keeping only the basic essentials. Increasingly, a dream of ours was to travel and experience the country slowly and serendipitously. So with that goal in mind, we hit the road. It’s easy to look at Airstreams when the only objective is just that – looking. During the process of looking, we eliminated many floorplans, but the daunting task remained … settle on one floorplan and live with the decision. Ultimately, we landed upon the International Signature Series – ’27FB CCD. For the uninitiated reading this, that mumbo-jumbo translates essentially to the following: a hipster cool interior design (courtesy of Christopher C Deam), ’27 feet in length, with a front bedroom location.

Venture Off Grid       RVers of the Month March 2016
We decided to drop everything and start travelling the US. After giving the idea a little though, the decision to hit the road wasn’t all that hard. But why wait until retirement to travel? Nick and I found this to be the perfect time, we had both graduated college and really had nothing tying us down. We found ourselves working just to afford to live the 9-5 life. We wanted more adventure, more excitement. After a little inspiration from the tiny house documentary and online travel blogs we decided there is too much out there to see and do to stay in Michigan the rest of our lives. Thats when we decided why not live out of an RV and start traveling the US. Our plan at first was to find an older Class C Motorhome, but we realized if we wanted to stay somewhere for a few weeks we aren’t going to want to drive our home with us every time we need groceries. We settled on a fifth wheel instead of a travel trailer because they are a lot easier to drive and better for towing. We found this 1991 beauty on Craigslist and were more than happy with our purchase (and pockets). Our truck was a little harder to find, ended up with a nice 9mpg V10 F-250. Although the gas millage is nothing short of terrible, it does get the job done.

The Roamans       RVers of the Month February 2016
Runner, herbivore, and creator of all things pleasing to the eye. Vanessa enjoys a good tub soak, the nude beach, and clean ears. Health fiend and Eco-enthusiast, this free-spirited gal is the resident natural home and body product artisan. Disciplines include yoga, water fasting, and winning thumb wars. She also loves Marisa. A lot. Marisa is a published novelist, promising screenwriter, avid book enthusiast, and vegetarian who dabbles in seafood. Hiking, biking, and longboarding, she prefers her time spent in the great outdoors. As the in-house hash slinger, Marisa is often found preparing delicious plant-based fare in the small RV kitchen. She also loves Vanessa. A lot. As the oldest member of The Roamans, Penny is also the sleepiest. Penny loves organic peanut butter, sunbathing, and incessantly barking at small children. Spike is just happy to be here. 2007 Itasca Navion, Maude, is the newest member and full-time mobile digs of The Roamans. At only 24 feet, she's got a baby body, which means: small RV.

Traveling The Long Road
RV Travelogue about places we visit and our experiences there. We have a 2104s Forest River Rockwood mini lite. With all of our gear it weighs around 5k. Our original tow vehicle was an older Tahoe Z71 but has since been upgraded to an ecoboost F150. Towing is now a breeze.

Van-Tramp    RVers of the Month December 2015
I have been full-timing in my van since December 2011. I do what I do out of the joy of traveling, adventuring as it is around the country. In 2010 I drove nearly 17,000 miles around the West, visiting 15 National Parks and other attractions. Another 13,000 miles logged in 2011 and it was then that I began venturing into ‘boondocking‘ which has really captured me. 2012 brought on another 14,000 miles of travel and my start of full-time van living. 2013 was my first full year of full-timing in the van. My 2014 travels included 8 months of urban camping with only a few short periods of adventures on either side.In late 2009 I decided to stop smoking. I wanted to see all the national parks so mobility (and MPG) was a priority over luxury.

Home Sweet Home on Wheels   RVers of the Month January 2016
A young couple and a puppy traveling full time for work, all over the country in a 2015 Grand Design Momentum, making the most of every mile along the way. You'll find RV park reviews, recipes, camping complications, DIY crafts, and a whole lot more.

Poorest Tourist    RVers of the Month November 2015
We'll be the first to admit that we have no idea what we're doing. We're both in our twenties and love to travel, so we remodeled a vintage Toyota RV and hit the road. We've been traveling the USA since January and it has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of our lives. We made this website to share how we did it. Why? Besides the freedom of travel, it's pretty economical. We love our Campy. We wanted to see all of the amazing places we had heard about. And we wanted to do it while we were still young and healthy. So we decided to buy an RV. We spent about a week on the internet researching what model suited us best. We wanted a solid engine that's cheap to fix, 10+ mpg, and a compact size that fits into a parking spot. Also, a durable fiberglass body was absolutely necessary. The Toyota Sunrader was the ultimate combination of these attributes and we began combing craigslist for the best available option. We decided on a diamond in the rough.

Nealys on Wheels     RVers of the Month October 2015
We have been RVing with our 3 dogs since 2013. We first started toying with the idea of RVing when we somehow ended up with 3 dogs, and it became ridiculously expensive to board them when we went out of town. For over a year we read about RVs and attended a few RV shows. We had four must-have criteria: 1) It had to be 35 feet long or less, 2) It had to be diesel, 3) It had to have a king size bed, and 4) It had to have a washer and dryer. We looked and looked, and people kept telling us that the right RV would eventually come along. And it did: the perfect RV for us showed up on eBay in early 2013 – a 2010 Tiffin Allegro Red 34QFA. Since we had been looking for so long, we new immediately it was the right one for us and agreed to buy it sight unseen. The first few days with the RV were a little crazy as we tried to educate ourselves about it as fast as we could. There were a few moments of “What in the world have we done?”, but overall we were very excited and couldn’t wait to take our first big trip. In March 2014 we set out in the RV, sold our house in Florida, and have been in the RV ever since.

Take To The Highway  RVers of the Month Sept. 2015
My life has been a constant metamorphosis of sorts, always morphing into a new stage in a new place. I have had an incurable case of wanderlust since I was a kid growing up with parents who loved to road trip on a minute’s notice. I have been blessed to see some amazing places on this beautiful planet, so I decided I would like to have a place to share these experiences. I am living out my dream as a full time RVing 9 to 5’er, still hanging on to the “golden handcuffs” for a little longer. So I sold my home, bought my Winnie View (A 2008 Winnebago View 24J, with 31,000 miles, and a 1994 Geo Tracker tow vehicle thrown in for good measure), and hit the road. It is my intent to try to capture some of these memories in a more minimalist method than hauling boxes of photos and hand-written journals with me to the grave.

The Ardent Camper     RVers of the Month August 2015
Fantasize about quitting your day job and traveling around the country? We realize that this isn't possible for everyone, but your dream may be closer to reality than you think. Because of widely-available technology and the business world’s increasing acceptance of telecommuting, it’s easier than ever to stay connected and work from anywhere. Ardent Camper is our proof of this. After building our own location-independent businesses, we sold our house and most of our stuff in 2014 and moved into a new house on wheels. Now, we work full-time as we travel all over the United States of America. Serenity is our 2011 Coachmen North Ridge Fifth Wheel. Dovahkiin is our 2010 Ford F-350 with dual rear wheels and a long bed.

Goza's Wanderings and Wonderings    RVers of the Month July 2015
I retired in April of 2014 after 31 years with the State of Louisiana. I bought a Fifth Wheel RV and Truck about 4 months before retirement. It is my first RV. On April 11, 2014 I hit the road and headed to the Atlantic Coast then up to Maine then over to Minnesota and back down to Louisiana for Thanksgiving (2014). After Thanksgiving, I hit the road again with plans to do a western swing. I'll return to Louisiana for Thanksgiving again in 2015. I move campgrounds, on average, about every 3 to 4 days. I like seeing a lot of different country and sights. I travel solo and record my travels in my blog so my family and friends know that I'm OK and am not in a ditch somewhere.

Travel with Kevin and Ruth     RVers of the Month June 2015
Married for thirty years, they are now in their early fifties. They love adventure travel including hiking, camping, and exploring. And they’re never afraid to try something different. The informative diary style of writing keeps readers tuned in to their activities on a daily basis. The detailed accounts of their RV and motorhome travel throughout North America and Mexico have prompted many of their readers to take on the same lifestyle. Sherman is our motorhome. He was sold as a 1996 Damon Daybreak, but on a 1995 Chevrolet P-30 chassis. He is 28 feet long. There are no slideouts, and no leveling jacks. We have done a lot of modifications to Sherman. We installed three 80w solar panels, four 6v deep cycle batteries, and a power inverter. This is our supply of electricity because we like to be self sufficient and it enables us to park overnight for free when we can.

Redneck RVers      RVers of the Month May 2015
My name is Hope and my husband is Jeff. We, along with our hairy, incredibly spoiled, happy, pampered companion Black Dog are traveling the US in our 5th wheel camper. About 5 years ago we retired. It didn’t take us long to figure out we were bored after leaving busy careers. We hope that if you are already a fellow RVer you might be introduced to some new places to explore, places to eat, or RV parks that fit your needs and likes. We will share different tips we have learned from fellow RVers and some we have learned ourselves, sometimes the hard way. If you have not embraced this lifestyle and are curious, it is our hopes that you will see how wonderful it can be. If it is just the enjoyment you get from reading the sometimes crazy stories, well then, enjoy.

LOAFin Around     RVers of the Month April 2015
This is the personal, travel website of an adventurous Canadian couple. We've visited all regions of our own beautiful country, been fortunate enough to have seen most of the rest of North America and have completed a few trips to other countries. Most of our travel activities are 'self-propelled' paddling, hiking, cycling, SCUBA / snorkelling. As North American travellers, we are fortunate to be able to choose camping in government or privately operated campgrounds. These camping places provide all the civilized amenities that most RV'ers would ever want, just by plugging in. We come from a background of backcountry wilderness camping where privacy, peace, quiet and solitude are the standard not the high density, noisy, parking lot styled sites that RV campgrounds often offer. Currently they roll in a 2011 Ford F350 4x4 CC SRW SB Lariat 6.2l gas with 2013 LANCE 855s 4-season Camper.

Two Wheels Two Feet      RVers of the Month March 2015
Welcome to the ride along of my journey in finding my own two feet again. First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Ginamarie Austin but most of my motorcycle friends call me Purple. My motorcycle adventures started over 6 years ago when I got tired of looking at the back of my husband’s head while riding and decided it was time for me get my motorcycle license. We have met some great people and gone on some amazing rides. Then last year, we decided to attend the Horizon Unlimited event in Cambria, CA. This is where we got the bug to wanting to travel the North America to discover the small towns on the back road. You’ll be following along my trials and tribulations as I use the tools and tricks that my late husband has taught me. This trip will be about closing one chapter and finding my own feet in the next chapter of my life. I hope you will learn from my mistakes and successes in this journey.

Shell On Wheels     RVers of the Month February 2015
Jack and Rose are in their late 40s and just retired, now living on the road in an RV. They found each other on the roof of a Miami Beach condo under the glow of July 4th fireworks in 2002. Jack  is a retired navy sailor obsessed with politics, comic books, salt water aquariums, and the intersection of science, religion, skepticism, and culture. Ramblin’ Rose is an inveterate natural born traveller ready to cash it all in, strap on a backpack and travel the world couch surfing and crashing in youth hostels. The Big Kahuna is a 1963 GM PD4106 bus converted into a motorhome a few decades back. He’s powered by a Detroit Diesel 8V71 engine that was rebuilt about 80,000 miles ago. Though the interior is well crafted, we are looking forward to updating the 1980s maroone and gold decor to something more suitable to our tastes.

Old Dogs New Truck     RVer of the Month January 2015
Many RV travelers dream of trips North to Alaska. We are heading the other way. George and I have lived in Alaska–on and off–for almost 25 years since the mid-1970’s. We tried to leave twice, but Alaska has an extraordinary hold. If you love it, it spoils you, making it difficult to live anywhere else. But its isolation, which is part of what makes it special, can also lead to a kind of state-wide cabin fever. Travel is the cure. So, we are heading to the Lower 48 by road with a pickup, a 22-foot travel trailer, our loving old dog, Zoe. We are planing on working our way back East to visit with family over the summer and fall (with a side-trip to the Canadian Maritimes) and then heading to the Southwest for the winter. We will be towing and living in an Outback Terrain 220 TRB.  We wanted a trailer small enough for National Park campgrounds but large enough to live in for an extended period.

J. Dawg Journeys        RVer of the Month December 2014
I'm currently traveling and exploring the country in my Class C - 2014 Winnebago View Profile 24V motorhome. I love traveling and exploring the country - seeing new things and experiencing the different parts of the country. I'm staying away from the big cities and tourist traps. I saw a lot of those when I was traveling for my job and taking my family on vacations. I'm also taking it slow. There's no 30 cities in 30 days for me. Instead, I'm going to different areas and spending some time to savor what it has to offer. I wanted something a little bigger than a camper van that would be more comfortable for stay put camping, but still had the nimbleness of a small vehicle. And, after 17,000 miles and 140 days of traveling, its met all my expectations. I have the Winnebago View Profile model 24V. Its 25 1/2 ft long and 7 1/2 ft wide and technically a Class C motor home. Its built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis which has a a GVWR of 11,030 lbs. Its considered a small motor home.

RV Built For Two       RVers of the Month November 2014
We are just beginning our journey to be full time RVers. After 11 months of research, we have purchased a 2008 Winnebago Journey 39Z. We continue to chronicle our decisions as we get closer to our goal. In 2013 we decided that we want to explore the U.S. and Canada. Two of our close friends, Judy and Jan purchased a motorhome after they retired and spent several years exploring the U.S. as full-timers. Over the years from time to time we linked up with them at Thousand Trails to catch up on their adventures. This is exactly the lifestyle we want to pursue. But, can we do it?

Russ on the Road     RVers of the Month October 2014
This site is about adventure and exploration: my adventure and exploration of the USA in a motorhome named Charlene. It began with renting an RV for a few days more than a year before I actually purchased Charlene, and it’s continued on ever since then in the process of shopping for an RV, learning about and making modifications to Charlene, and now in learning about blogging so I can share what I’ve learned with you. If you’re thinking about RVing yourself but haven’t yet started, then some of my experiences may help pave the way. If you’ve been RVing for years perhaps some of my product reviews for a new gadget will prove useful.

McQuade Travels         RVers of the Month September 2014
I am a retired small business owner about to embark on a long anticipated journey, that of traveling the country “full-time” in my motorhome. Towing a 2012 Prius behind my 2004 Allegro gasoline powered Class A ( I don’t feel as guilty about the 8 mpg in the motorhome when I balance it out with the 50 mpg from the Prius), I plan to travel north and south as the seasons dictate without any fixed routes, destinations, or timetable, except to stay away from the white stuff I have shoveled here in New Hampshire the past 30 plus years. In preparing for my “full time” adventures, I have gained invaluable knowledge from the blogs and websites of other full timers who have been very willing to share their experiences with others, and I would like to say thanks to all of you.

59 National Parks     RVers of the Month August 2014
As we travel to the US National Parks over this next 59 weeks, we will be chronicling our travels with blog posts, photography and social media updates. We begin our quest at Hot Springs National Park on April 1st, 2014. From there, our travels will take us to most of the fifty States and the territories of American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We are spending the most time in Alaska. In our twenty-one days there we will be visiting the the National Parks of Glacier Bay, Gates of the Arctic, Kobuk Valley, Lake Clark, Katmai, Kenai Fjords, Denali, and Wrangell-St. Elias. Some parks, such as Rocky Mountain National Park and Badlands National Park, we plan to visit twice to gain seasonal perspectives for our photography.

The Millers Full Time RV Nomads      RVers of the Month June 2014
We are Greg and Marcia Miller, and we are living our dream! Our interests have changed over the years, but Marcia's goal of extensive travel has remained firm. Somewhere along the way, we heard about full-time RV'ing, and thought it sounded fun and interesting. Of course, that isn't something all couples are willing and/or able to do. So in 2009 we did a 19 week trial run in a 33 foot class A motorhome, and we loved it. We decided that we would definitely full-time when we retired. So here we are... launched into a new phase of our lives. We hit the road on May 5, 2013 in our new home-on-wheels - a 2007 40 foot Tiffin Phaeton. We chose Tiffin, as our research indicated their RVs are well made and the company stands behind their product. We opted for used, so we could avoid the major depreciation hit of the first years. We are now retired and traveling full-time - living our dream.

Dream Bounder      RVers of the Month April 2014
This website follows Diana & Mike’s journey into full time RVing, simple & sustainable living and going after their dreams. Hi! We’re Diana & Mike and were on a mission; a mission to find a new way of life. We’ve tried the ‘conventional’ way of living… and it’s definitely not for us. In 2012 we found ourselves working jobs that we hated while falling behind on our bills and racking up debt. Our lives lacked excitement, adventure and fulfillment. One night we decided to finally face the terrifying truth about our lives. Where were we going? Where did we want to go? What was holding us back? We came to the conclusion that our cost of living was too high, and our income was too low. We knew that we were heading down a very dark road if we continued like this. An idea came. A crazy/exciting/scary idea. All we needed to do was drastically lower our living expenses and our problems would be solved. So how can we do this? By living in an RV! Follow their journey and hopefully be inspired to start a journey of your own

The Roaming Pint      RVers of the Month March 2014
Brian and Mariao have been traveling in their 29 ft RV, named Stanley, since 2010 seeking out all kinds of great beer destinations. When we started our trip from Lawrence, KS, our first stop was in Colorado Springs. We weren’t exactly sure what to do, so we thought, let’s see if there is a brewery and sure enough, Bristol Brewery impressed us and provided a fantastic first night of our trip. From there we just kept discovering brewery after brewery and once we left Colorado we were already 20 beer destinations deep. The direction of our trip was clear, just keep seeking out great beer destinations and that we did. If you’ve visited a place, would like to host us in your city, have a great beer pic you want to share, or think we could use a better information for a beer destination let us know. Stanley is our 1999, 29 foot Ford Jayco Class C RV. We purchased him in March 2010 for $10,000.

Seeing The USA          RVers of the Month February 2014
"Bill is a native Virginian. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Bill worked as a mortician, in real estate sales, middle management with Transamerica for 18 years, small business owner, and most recently as an optician for 12 years. Kris is an Army brat having lived in Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Taiwan, Louisiana, and Virginia. She has worked in insurance claims processing, doctors' offices, as a day care provider, and most recently an administrative assistant with Carpenter Company. She has always wanted to see more of North America with time to really get to know each area. Bill and Kris were married in 1973 and have 2 children. Our blog is a chronicle of our experiences as we live our dream of "Seeing the USA". It is written as a journal to be enjoyed in our old age. Interested family and friends can ride along on this journey as we visit new places, experience new adventures, create new friendships and make memories. We had a 2008 Itasca Navion iQ for three years which taught us about the RVing lifestyle. We had pretty much committed to the going fulltime after the FMCA rally in March 2011. Now traveling in a 2011 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40QXP."

GoneByRV     RVers of the Month October 2013
In our previous lives, Karen was a dental hygienist. She is now anxious to begin this new chapter in our lives of fulltime RVing. Steve was in local law enforcement beginning in 1982. He spent the last 22+ years as a Crash Investigator. We are both very anxious to travel and embrace the adventures which lie ahead. In April of 2010 we purchased a Tiffin Phaeton 40QTH motorhome. We managed mainly short weekend trips and a few trips of a week or ten days several times throughout the year. Finally, in October 2012 we closed on the sale of our S&B house in Virginia and lived in our motorhome locally until we were able to finally retire at the end of 2012.

Turn When The Road Does       RVers of the Month May 2014
The name of our blog is a quote from Rhonda’s late Dad, Eugene Courtney, from one of his famous driving directions. We consider it profoundly applicable to life in general. The home page picture is our camp site at Canal Campground on Lake Barkley in Kentucky, the first park we stayed in when we began our full-time RV adventure, and we found it to be the perfect representation of “Turn when the road does”. This blog will be our journal, and we hope sharing our experiences can inspire and/or inform others along the way.

RVWheelLife       RVers of the Month November 2013
Julianne G. Crane writing about the recreation vehicle lifestyle decades ago after she purchased her first RV, a grossly underpowered early ’80s Toyota Dolphin 4 cylinder class C motor home. Between 2000-2007, she was a staff writer for The Spokesman-Review newspaper in Spokane, Wash. She is currently the RV lifestyle specialist for Motor Matters, an automotive content provider serving the print and online pages of daily and weekly newspapers across the United States. Her homebase is Eastern Washington, however, Julianne is on the road much of the time exploring the United States and Canada in a 2005 10.2 Northern Lite truck camper on a 2001 F350 diesel Ford.

whereRVgoing      RVers of the Month December 2013
RV camping and road trips in the Pacific Northwest. My name is Carley and I hope to inspire you to discover all the amazing places you can explore and gain quality time with your family. We are transplants from Texas living in the great Pacific Northwest just outside of Seattle and we love to travel – particularly in our 25 foot travel trailer. We started camping in our RV during the summer of 2011 and have explored Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho. I hope my blog can become a resource to help you learn about great places and to prepare yourself with the information and experience I have put together.

Living The Dream     RVers of the Month September 2013
We married in 1982, in 1990 we built our dream home in North Saanich just north of Victoria BC. We both had long careers, Dianne in Human Resources and Steve as Branch Manager for a controls systems wholesaler. Steve always felt that there were no guarantees in life as far as health and mortality went, so we planned to retire early and RV full-time. In late 2009 we began the build process on our custom Toy Hauler truck, taking delivery in early 2010. We moved into our new Montana 5th wheel in Feb 2010, living in it for 4 months. We're ready! Just shy of our 55th birthdays, on June 25, 2010 we retired and started our life as gypsies. We prefer dry camping (boondocking), getting as far away from civilization as possible. However, our size limits us from getting into all of those remote areas. Good thing we have the ATVs to explore with.

Two Happy Campers     RVers of the Month July 2013
Hi, we are Mark & Michele and this is our online playground where we share all our outdoor adventures in hopes of inspiring you to get outside and live your life to the fullest. This website chronicles our adventures and we hope it inspires you to get outside and live your life to the fullest also. After all the research that went in to deciding on a truck camper vs. a trailer, camper van, etc., we thought we had made some progress when really we had a long way to go. Okay, so we want a truck camper, now we need to decide on a truck and a camper. Four Wheel Camper was the obvious choice for us. We managed to find a great used 2001 Ford F250 7.3L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel within a couple of weeks.

As Time Goes... Bye     RVers of the Month August 2013
We met and married in our 20's while working for General Motors in our home state of Michigan.Presently in our 50's and having raised (and married off) our 3 daughters, we decided to make our dream of seeing this great land of ours a reality. The sole purpose of this blog is to serve as a log or diary of sorts for ourselves and as a way for our families to keep abreast of what is happening in our lives and where we are currently camped. After a year of research and debating the pros and cons of a motorhome vs. a 5er, we opted for a well built, four season DRV Mobile Suite 36RSSB fifth wheel. We have made a few interior modifications to better suit our needs. We pull our home with a Ford 450 pick-up truck that has also been adapted to our lifestyle needs.

Watsons Wander     RVers of the Month May 2013
Why not simplify life and travel to all the places we’ve always dreamed of? Why not live out a different lifestyle where everything we own fits in a small space and our backyard is anywhere we desire? In the past ten years some of our most enjoyable memories together have occurred while traveling. The thrill of seeking out a new place, exploring hiking trails and lakes, visiting tiny towns and discovering hidden gems is hard to beat. Arriving back home and adjusting to real life was always the most difficult part of the journey. Then one day it hit us- why can’t this be our “real” life? Why does travel always have to mean vacation? The answer is simple - it doesn’t. Fueled by our desire to travel while maintaining a regular lifestyle and inspired by others who chose the same path three years ago we set out to make our dream a reality. Introducing our 1999 25 ft. Airstream Safari.

Life With Kurumi      RVers of the Month June 2013
Kurumi: A 2002 21ft VW/Itasca Class C motorhome. A fairly standard Winnebago RV design on a Volkswagen Eurovan chassis. Built from 2002-2004, not many were made. Pilot(me): A guy with a modest freelance business via the internet. I have no need to be any particular place to do my work as long as there's a decent internet connection. I began my full-time RV living on March 29, 2011. Co-Pilot: Mitsuki the Siamese mix. Born around Labor Day 2011, adopted by me in June 2012. Auxiliary Vehicle: 2012 Kawasaki KLX 250 Dual-Purpose motorcycle. It attaches to the rear of Kurumi with an Ultimate MX Hauler. Auxiliary Aquatic Vehicle: 2011 Advanced Elements AirFusion. It deflates and disassembles to fit inside storage.

Interstellar Orchard      RVers of the Month January 2013
This site is about RVing. Full-time traveling in a small RV to be more precise. My name is Becky, and after a bit over a year of planning and preparation I purchased a molded fiberglass travel trailer. Cas is a ’99 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe, a molded fiberglass RV with a single axle, and a GVWR of 3,500 lbs. Bertha is a ’01 Dodge Dakota SLT Club cab, with a 4.7 liter V8 engine, 2 wheel drive and a factory installed tow package. Instead of following the masses and suffering through the daily 9 to 5 grind of work until retirement, I said screw the status-quo and started working on my dreams of perpetual travel, exploration and adventure.

The Travels of Jim and Rosie    RVers of the Month April 2013
"We started tent camping in the 1980's and discovered we really enjoyed being out in nature. In 2003, we bought our first RV, a 26' travel trailer.We pulled that trailer from Idaho to Georgia in 2006 and from Idaho to Alaska in 2008. In 2009, we sold the travel trailer and found a used 1997 Alpenlite 34' fifth wheel at a small dealership in Salt Lake City. With 2 slides it seemed very spacious compared to the travel trailer.We plan to limit our travels to the western USA going where ever the weather is warm at that time of year. We hope you will enjoy following us and reading about our travels."

Crazy Marlins
This Blog will be a record of our journey and experiences as we Fulltime RV in our 2011 Carriage Cameo 37CKSLS pulled by a 2011 Chevy 3500HD Duramax/Allison/CC/DRW.

Metamorphosis Road     RVers of the Month February 2013
We are realizing our dream of retiring early and hitting the road full time in an RV. We spent a couple of years researching the full time RV lifestyle, purging our excess belongings and prepping to sell the house. This blog chronicles what it's like to plan for and then live on the road in an RV; with additional focus on our favorite past times: trail hiking, urban walking, biking, exploring new places, cooking (Lisa), eclectic music (Hans). We live and travel in a 2013 Keystone Montana 3000RK fifth wheel, pulled by a 2013 Chevy HD3500 extended cab, long bed, diesel, 4x4.

Wish Upon an RV Star   RVers of the Month December 2012
We are thrilled that you have found your way to our rv blog. We hope you enjoy reading our journal and viewing our attempts to photograph the natural wonder of America. Al and I are finally living our life-long dream of traveling the United States. We invite all of our family, friends and future friends to follow along in this great adventure of ours. And remember to "do what you love, love what you do"; Life is, indeed, good.

Fulltimeusa       RVers of the Month August 2012
After years of caring for Ann’s parents we sold our home, furniture, etc. in Northern California in 2010. Ordered our Lazy Daze from the factory and picked it up in August 2010, loaded our “stuff” on board and took off on our travels. Our goal is see as many interesting places in North America as we can while we are still reasonably healthy. This blog explains how we live and travel fulltime in a “small” RV, about the places we visit, the things we do and what we see while we travel.

It's About Time         RVers of the Month October 2012
"We are RV part-timers, 6 months in Ontario, and 6 months elsewhere. In 2011 we sold our home, downsized our personal belongings and moved into an apartment, and upgraded our 5th wheel. We have a 2009 F-350 dually Ford truck and a 2011 Keystone Avalanche 340TG 5th wheel. Now we've retired, downsized our belongings, sold our house, and upgraded our trailer, now it's our time."

RV Sue and Crew      RVers of the Month March 2012
I’m a single, sixty-something, great-grandma wandering around the Southwest, living fulltime in my 17-foot Casita Liberty Deluxe with my two canines, Spike and Bridget. I’m originally from northern New York and formerly from Florida. PTV stands for Perfect Tow Vehicle. That's the 2005 Chevy Express van that takes us places. BLT is what I consider the Best Little Trailer, a 2011 17-foot Casita Liberty Deluxe .

Full Time RVing With Jeff & Laurie     RVers of the Month March of 2013
We are Jeff and Laurie. We are avid travelers and LOVE spending time outdoors. We have begun our new adventure traveling the world, making new friends, and living the full time RVing dream. We will be exploring America with no real place to be and all the time in the world to get there. Follow our Blog, check it out.

Full Time RV USA      RVers of the Month September 2012
Both suburban Chicago natives, raised in typical middle-class homes. TnT met in 2005, and it didn't take long before they realized they not only enjoy each others company, but also have a high degree of compatibility. They have remained inseparable for 7 years, are engaged to be married, and are looking forward to a fulfilling and happy life together. As TnT pursue their dream of becoming full time RVer's - traveling the USA - they look forward to broadening their horizons, exploring new interests, and make many new friends along the way.

Retirement Dreams      RVers of the Month July 2012
My husband and I are retired, and RV as much as possible with our Old English Sheepdog Miracle. Please join us on our adventures. We moved from tent camping, to a pop-up and finally to a travel trailer. Our first trailer was 26 feet. Bob was already retired, so when I decided to retire at 62 we moved up to a 30 foot Rockwood travel trailer. Our game plan was to camp for about half of the year, and to stay home for the other half. We considered going full time, but wanted to try living in the trailer for extended periods of time to see if we liked the life style.

Yippee Tyo's          RVers of the Month April 2012
For the last 6 years we have dreamed of seeing the U.S. and becoming full time RV'rs. Since we have grand-girls in Rhode Island and California we plan to spend some time with them, and see as much as we can in between. We will be traveling in our 2007 Dodge Ram Diesel, 4x4, all the whips and jangles that guys like, and a 2011 Jayco Eagle Travel Trailer 31.8'. We are retired airline people, who are excited to become road trip people. I hope you enjoy reading about our travels and adventures.

The Good Luck Duck     RVers of the Month May 2012
We're full-time RVers traveling with six cats in a class A. Annie introduced the RV idea. A place to be, a place to house and transport the cats, and a way to make this all happen. We began with a fifth-wheel and a one-ton diesel truck; it was a false start. Now we have a 1996/7 Fleetwood Bounder Class A (motorhome). Our plans have changed over two years, but the Southwest is still the goal.

Where's Eldo?        RVers of the Month June 2012
We are full time RVers traveling all over the U.S. in a 40 foot Tiffin Phaeton. Our first two years, complete with bloopers, travel info, park reviews and funny happenings are in our blog, Where's Eldo?

Technomadia        RVers of the Month November 2012
Exploring the intersection of full time travel and technology. Chris & Cherie are in their late 30s and full time RVing in a 1961 vintage bus conversion while running their technology company.

RVing With Poppa      RVers of the Month September 2011
We live and travel in our 2009 40' Tiffin Phaeton QTH motorhome. We sold our home in 2009 to our daughter and son-in-law, but retained a RV site at the house for when we are in town. We are thankful to be so blessed to have the opportunity to see and enjoy some of the beautiful sites that this USA has to offer from sea to shining sea. We hope we see you somewhere in a campground soon.

Box Canyon Blog     RVers of the Month December 2011
We are Mark and Bobbie Johnson and our "hotel suite" is a 26 foot Excel fifth wheel RV that we pull behind our 2001 ford F 250 pickup truck. We are about to quit our jobs, sell our house, and embark on our third "sabbatical" in the past 8 years. Check out the photos and descriptions of our adventures and learn where and how you can park your RV hotel suite on the edge of a canyon or right on the beach."

The Quinn's Awesome Journey         RVers of the Month January 2012
Travel along with Bob & Snookie as they live their dream as fulltime RV'ers. As of Monday, November 13, 2006 at precisely 11:51 a.m., when we finished our last errand, we became "fulltimers". We are living fulltime in our 2002 Newmar, Kountry Star fifth wheel trailer. It's 35 feet long and has triple slide outs.

RV-Anytimers        RVers of the Month February 2012
Hi we're Linda and Barry. We have been RVing since our early married life in the 70's. I am a retired General Contractor (wood butcher extraordinaire) and Linda retired from a career in Cosmetology (hairbender). We still have a stix & brix home, but travel extensively throughout the year whenever we want. Thus RV-Anytimers. We will be posting our travels so our family and friends can ride along.

Everywhere Once       RVers of the Month November 2011
In truth, we're just a couple of travel junkies determined to live life on our own terms. Proving that obstacles are made to be overcome, we completely retooled our ambitions and set out on a North American RV road trip instead. Wise men told us we should take it slow. "Get a pop-up trailer to try out camping," they said. "Rent an RV before committing to a lifestyle you've never experienced." All prudent advice, but we knew a deeper truth.But when the ends are true, the means are of little consequence.

Wheeling It          RVers of the Month February 2011
12 paws, 40 feet and the open road. In early 2010 the hubby, the 2 cats, the dog and I quit our day jobs, packed our lives away and moved into a 40-foot tin-can home to follow our dream of living an alternative life and exploring the US on wheels. Through our blog our goal is to share that story and hopefully enable and inspire others who dream of this lifestyle to go out and try it. Come join us on our journey.

The RV Tripper         RVers of the Month October 2011
The RV Tripper is a travel blog with recreation ideas, RV cooking, accessories, and personal reflections on the RV lifestyle.

CoolRVers On the Road         RVers of the Month July 2011
Since retiring we have fallen in love with the RV Lifestyle - traveling in our 2007 Itasca Horizon 40TD with our current pooch, "Star", a German Shepherd/American Dingo mix. We've been in Anchorage since last Wednesday so this blog covers a lot of territory. We have been catching up with traveling Escapee Club members, touring the downtown area on foot, by tourist trolley, and by car.

Cajunville       RVers of the Month August 2011
Cajunville takes us to relaxing places where we can lay back and rejuvenate our minds and spirits. We enjoy cooking, dancing, and traveling. With Cajunville we are able to enjoy these activities. Join us and travel down the road with Cajunville.

Rolling in a RV - Wheelchair Traveling   RVers of the Month June 2011
We've been fulltiming since 1993. Traveling in an RV became a long term goal of ours after we spent a year on the road in 1976 with our 4 year old daughter. Then in Oct. of 1993 I was in an accident which damaged my spinal cord and I am now in a wheelchair permanently. Our new handicapped motorhome was finished in Oct. 1994. We got back on the road.

RV Living
Details my experiences getting into traveling fulltime in an RV, and also some of my travel adventures.

Delusion's - Drifting & Diaries With Duke-Duchess & Dutch     R.O.M. MAY 2011
My husband (Mike) and I (Gina) together with our baby boy (Dutch) have always yearned and love to travel. With about 5 years before retirement, and hitch itch travel desires we've decided to sell the stix & brix, purchase our new dream home on wheels, live in it and traveling when every opportunity arises temporarily. Once retirement approaches we plan on becoming fulltime RV'ers living a nomad lifestyle.

Jorge and Evielynne Adventures on the Road     RVers of the Month April 2011
We are RV full timers who have meet so many wonderful people and often have enough ask us "How we do it"? And so we decided to start a Blog to explain our adventures. It's not an easy life but its certainly is a great way to live... This is our blog about what we think on people, places, products, locations, campground, local business and so much more. We travel full time and all over United States.

TraveLiving Journey      RVers of the Month March 2011
Funny, we did not even mean to become full-timers and never had an RV before... Sequence of events put us on the road - and we loved it so much that we decided to become full-timers. We still work and travel - Love hiking and biking in the nature and would love to do it with other RVers. So if you are into nature - jump in - read - and you are welcome to contact us.

Cave Dwellers       RVers of the Month September 2010
Dennis and I hit the road mostly as snowbirds... We are newbies to RVing, having done it for only 7 years at ages 62 and 68..And we love it!

Endless RV Summer         RVers of the Month December 2010
We are reinventing ourselves. We parted ways with our jobs, sold nearly everything, threw the rest in our fifth wheel, and the only plan was to go east out of the driveway. We are not retired, we've got to figure this out as we go.

Cruzin2some       RVers of the Month November 2010
We are two middle aged women embarking on a new chapter of our lives as fulltime RV's. We are getting rid of most of our worldly possessions and moving into our fifth wheel. We are both fulfilling a life-long dream and taking advantage of the freedom to roam. We are planning on seeing all we can see of these great United States.

Diary of a Midlife Cruiser     RVers of the Month August 2010
I'm a 36 year old heading out with a great husband and a stinky dog on an RV trip of a lifetime. Going full time, baby... while we both still have all our teeth.

Generation Z: Cruising in an RV        RVers of the Month July 2010
Back from the Philippines and Taiwan, we rented out our condos, bought Star, our first motorhome, and Vino, our scooter. On 6/29/09 we left for the never-ending cruise of our life. We have since been to Alaska, the Arctic Circle, the West Coast, through Mexico, the Gulf states, and Florida, logging 21,000 miles. We bought a bigger RV/dinghy for full-time RVing and are now going up the East Coast.

We Will Follow The Sun     RVers of the Month June 2010
We want to explore the world around us and experience the vastness and the natural beauty of our earth. Inspired in part by the song by Lee Ann Womack, “And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance , I hope you dance.” And so, Ken and I paid off the mortgage, quit our jobs, bought an RV and we hit the road.

R Sanity RV Adventures     RVers of the Month January 2011
WE have been RV-ing for 20+ years, planning on retiring to RV full time - no definite date set. Join us as we prepare to RV fulltime.

Hit The Road Jack... on a wing and a prayer   RVers of the Month October 2010
We are full-time RVers, traveling and since we are too young to retire, we work our way around the country. Freelance writers, photographers, entrepreneurs & jack of all trades, we do it all and we love sharing all of our adventures with our readers.

Great RV Adventure     RVers of the Month May 2010
Join Bob and Ellen as they venture into full-time RVing. With no previous RVing experience, they sell their home in the Midwest and head onto the open road. After years of planning, we are setting out on our lifelong dream of full-time RVing. Come along with us virtually. Who knows? Maybe you’ll spot someone you know, maybe a long-lost relative. Maybe even you.

Adventures with Tassie         RVers of the Month April 2010
I am married for 41 years to my honey Ralph. We sold our house to our oldest daughter about 6 years ago and moved into our motorhome full time. We retired almost 5 years ago and have been traveling around since. Tassie is a Itasca Horizon made by Winnebago. We always tow a car behind her so when we park we just unhook the car and have a way to get around site seeing.

Gundyville On Wheels        RVers of the Month February 2010
I've had a great life so far! I've been a lifeguard, a teacher, a dive master, a retail business owner, a technical writer, a landscaper, a property manager and now, saints preserve a blogger. We take to the road full time in our 43' Newmar Dutchstar and you get to come along for the trip.

Full Time Journey         RVers of the Month January 2010
Follow RV traveler's, Bruce and Margie, as they enjoy a full-time life in their motorhome, a 40-ft. Winnebago Tour. We began this lifestyle in 2008, after over 20 years of vacation traveling, and we love it. We have family in Tumwater, Washington so we return there every few months to be near them. The rest of the time we like to see new places. We have traveled by RV to 49 states and many areas in Canada.

RVeCafe             RVers of the Month December 2009
This site began in 2004 as a report of our experiment in long term RV living while I commuted to work and Gwen worked for a southern Oregon RV resort. Now it has become much more. It's a report of all our accessories purchased for the RV. It's also tells of the repairs and remodels we have made to a couple of fifth wheel trailers we have owned. Our favorite part of the site are the stories of the times we get to travel with our RV. We have still enjoyed our travels and made detailed reports.

Ron & Elena's Odyssey        RVers of the Month November 2009
We started our full-time rv adventure on June 1, 2007. Our home is a 23 foot Komfort travel trailer. We tow it with a 2004 3/4-ton Chevy Avalanche. We had this rig for vacations before we started full-timing. We call our travel trailer "Da Honu", Hawaiian for "The Turtle". You are invited to join us on this adventure by following along with us on this web page and travel log.

Roads Less Traveled         RVers of the Month October 2009
In May, 2007, we sold everything we owned, rented out our house,and moved into a travel trailer to have the adventure of a lifetime. We have been traveling the North American continent ever since. These pages are a photo journal of our experiences. If you are planning a similar adventure, enjoy pretty photos of fun places, or are curious to find out what.

K and D in an RV                RVers of the Month September 2009
We are one retired guy, his nearly retired wife and an elderly schnauzer/poodle AKA Gator Girl, traveling as much as they can between their large RV lot and other recreational vehicle travels. Lots of laughs, great friends who love to RV - with the whole bunch known as The Hardwall Hippies.

Travels With Miranda            RVers of the Month August 2009
The story of a Canadian gal, two cats, an RV and the call of the open road. After a year of trying out RVing, I knew for sure that it’s the right life for me, so I officially quit my job, went into business for myself, and am presently dividing my time between the Yukon and BC. Miranda is a 1997 31' long Glendale Royal Classic class C RV.

Dale & Mary Lynn's Travels          RVers of the Month July 2009
Traveling by RV during retirement has been a dream of ours for many years. We purchased a 2008 37 foot Tiffin Allegro Bay in mid-December of 2007. No reservations, no plans, no worries.. Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty & well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming, Wow what a ride!

Road Bandit        RVers of the Month June 2009
My name is Randy Primm. I am 25 yr old filmmaker from Seattle Washington. I am traveling the country in Betsy my 24ft Class C RV. The motorhome is equipped with solar panel on the roof and an inverter under the bed to allow me power whenever I need it. I have been living in Betsy for over a year now and haven’t once stayed at an RV park. We offer our viewers video, picture, and written updates.

Life On Our Ark          RVers of the Month May 2009
I live in a 2006 Okanagan 36 -5c fifth wheel. We chose to start this life at the end of the RV season, in the Fall of 2008. In the mobile world in which we now live, we have the fifth wheel, and a 2001 duelly 3500 Ram which we got to replaced the 4 wheel drive 3500. Having grown up in a military family I spent a lot of my life moving around. Therefore, the proposed lifestyle change was an exciting, and welcome challenge.

Paul & Joyce Exploring our Country       RVers of the Month April 2009
We are both 62, retired and have been married 42 years. We both love travel, the outdoors, and the country life so we thought we would try the RV lifestyle. We started by flying out west and renting a class C from Cruise America, we would pick a state, rent the RV, then take a two week vacation to travel. After five years of doing this we ordered a new Georgie Boy Landau class A Motorhome....

West by Southwest           RVers of the Month March 2009
We are Gene, Judi and Peanut and we have lived fulltime in our Montana 5th wheel since November 2005. Welcome to our travel journal. We started the New Year by visiting with family in Macon, Perry, and Warner Robins, Georgia. On January 5th we officially start this year’s journey which will take us to Texas, New Mexico and eventually up the Oregon coast to Washington State.

Adventures in our American Dream     RVers of the Month February 2009
Welcome to our trip journal. We are Jerry & Gloria Quincy from Jacksonville, Florida. Join us as we travel and live our dream in our American Dream Motorhome. We left Jacksonville, FL the day after Jerry's Birthday in February, 2008. We have been traveling ever since in our RV.

Living Without Limits RVers of the Month January 2009
We have embraced that ageless adage of the 'the glass is always half full'. With our recently purchased motorhome, three kids, two cats, guinea pig and rabbit we will live life without limits on the road. Join us in our adventure.

RV Travels 2008       RVers of the Month December 2008
I'm just a run-of-the-mill ORF (old retired fuddyduddy), traveling about the country with my terrific husband Chris and our spoiled budgie Bubba in our 40' Beaver motor home. We've been to most of the U.S. states over the past 8 years.

Artful RV Adventures       RVers of the Month November 2008
We are Mark and Bobbie Johnson and our “hotel suite” is a 26 foot Excel fifth wheel RV that we pull with our 2001 Ford F 250 pickup. We are now on the road in our rv seeking out, exploring, photographing and painting the west’s most scenic places.

Mike & Pats Travels         RVers of the Month October 2008
We reside in Custer, SD in the Summer, will travel anywhere South in the Winter although mostly in Texas and Arizona. We purchased our 2001 Volvo 770 in Nashville, TN in October, 2004 and it hauls a Teton 5th wheel. We love to hike, fish and travel. I hope you will join us on our rv adventures.

Ian and Margaret's RV Adventures       RVers of the Month September 2008
Since early 2006 we have been traveling summers in our New Horizons fifth wheel with our two cats Titus and Max. We're loving the opportunity to see parts of the country we haven't visited and to get out of Phoenix (our fixed home) during the blistering summer months. We'll keep it up as long as we are able and having fun.

The Trailer Tales        RVers of the Month August 2008
We had talked about full time RVing casually for years. Our home in Benton City, WA had sold, and we moved into our Salem fifth wheel and headed out. Our only plan is to explore the United States in our rv and have some fun along the way.

Travels With Keith and Kathy    RVers of the Month July 2008
Keith is a retired aerospace engineer, and Kathy is a retired middle-school teacher. We travel about halftime in our 29' Winnebago. Since purchasing our motorhome new in 2001, we have driven 75,000 miles through 49 US states and 10 Canadian provinces.

RV Adventures      RVers of the Month June 2008
We both took early retirement in August 2007 with the intent to do some extended travel in our rv . We're absolute newbies and never spent time in a recreational vehicle before we bought this one. You are invited to follow along as we travel across the United States in our 30' Arctic Fox fifth wheel.

Joan on the Road       RVers of the Month May 2008
I think we were bit by the RV Bug in the mid 70's when we rented our first rv ...a 23' Itasca Class A. In 2000-2001 we did a lot of serious motorhome shopping when we visited one of our large local dealers. In the spring of 2001 we started our search and finally purchased our 32' Aerbus in July, 2001.

The MoHo and Other Traveling Tales     RVers of the Month April 2008
RV travel tales of a couple of older women rving in a Dynamax. So many places, so little time. One of the dreams of retirement for me was a motorhome and a tracker and the time to start each day with the question, do I want to be in this place today or not?

Justravelin       RVers of the Month February 2008
We are Ellie and Jim, justravelin with our 2 mini schnauzers in our 2004 Bounder Motor Home. We retired, sold our house, and became full time RVer's to travel and explore our great country. Come along with us as we describe our adventures!

Boomers RV'ing Style
Discussion of Campgrounds, tips, recipes, crafts etc. In 2004 Trish and David decided to buy a Motor home since the kids didn’t want to go RV’ing anymore. They bought a Sun Voyager and in 2007 they traded it in for a 2007 diesel pusher Cresendo.

From the Lily Pad
Widowed at 57, I spent 7 months traveling the country solo - by motorcycle. When I came home, months of thought followed before I put my house up for sale and searched for my full-time RV. As of October 26, 2007 I am on the road full-time in my 1999 26' Class C Tioga, the Lily Pad, along with my BMW motorcycle, Squirt, in his Chariot trailer home.

RV Travels with Protech    RVers of the Month January 2008
Join us as our family tours the country by RV. We have been fulltimers since 2002. Summers are spent in our home state, Connecticut, and winters in warmer climates. Our journal began in October 2006 as we left CT to travel cross-country to Tucson, AZ and back in April 2007.

Cross Country Adventures           RVers of the Month December 2007
While we wait for our stick house to sell, we've taken our RV for a summer vacation. As soon as the house is sold, we will begin our full-timing RV adventure. This has been our dream for many years as we are happiest when we are on the road whether it's on the motorcycle, in the car or in the motor home

Corgi~Dog News        RVers of the Month November 2007
Our trial retirement began the end of June 2006. We don't know how long it will last, but, for as long as it can, we plan to travel America's highways in our Winnebago Journey, a 32 foot house on wheels. Jake and Addie, our tri-colored pembroke welsh corgis travel with us, making it more fun.

Hop A Log         RVers of the Month October 2007
I, the mom, am in my 40’s and have always enjoyed a wanderlust. We drive a 15 passenger 2002 white Ford van which tows a 2005 Ameri-Camp T315QBS travel trailer. While not designed for fulltiming, the trailer has done amazingly well.

Life is Good!              RVers of the Month September 2007
We retired in 2004 and now travel extensively in our motorhome and overseas, visiting family and friends and enjoying the outdoors. Our current motorhome is a Tiffin Phaeton and is powered by a 350 HP Cat diesel engine with a six speed transmission.

Wandering America       RVers of the Month August 2007
We live and travel with our two adorable ragdoll katts (Katie and Alex) in a 2006 38' Cedar Creek Custom fifth wheel towed by a GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel. The purpose of this web site is to keep our family, friends, and web site visitors informed as to where we are, where we have been, and where we plan to be next.

Living our RV Dream!      RVers of the Month July 2007
The time has come for us to live our road trip dream, in a 40 foot "Condo on Wheels", our Winnebago Chieftain. We hope you'll enjoy living vicariously through us by this journal as we pursue our dream and travel an undetermined length of time through the continental USA, Alaska and Canada (maybe some of Mexico if we're brave enough!).

Bill and Cap      RVers of the Month June 2007
Our home on wheels is a 30' Arctic Fox 5th wheel we call Plan B. We hope you enjoy reading our blog, "Views from the Open Road". We want to share with you the never-ending-saga of RV life on the road, and we will not bore you with details of day to day life.

RV Travels With Huggy    RVers of the Month May 2007
I have been a Snowbird RVer who has traveled with my cat, Huggy, in our Sea Breeze motorhome. I was widowed in 2005 but have had the good fortune to meet a wonderful lady named Pat. We are buying a new RV that will be Pat & Dick's and I hope to travel together about the western part of the US with her.

The Happy Wanderers    RVers of the Month April 2007
After years of morning conversation over coffee, countless visits to RV dealers, many happy weekends of travel and camping in smaller RV's and three backpacking trips in the Grand Canyon, we have made the decision to become full-time RVers.

Bonehead's Traveling People    RVers of the Month February 2007
This is about Dan, Patty, and one very spoiled cat named, Bonehead. They are all retired and travel around in their 5th wheel toy hauler.

Inspiration's Journey (Malia's RV) RVers of the Month March 2007
You’re a full time whaaat??? Most people had one of two reactions when I said I was going to become a fulltime RVer on my own: either that I was really crazy or really inspirational. Now, after more than 5 years, I am often thankful that the irrational won out over the practical, because I love this lifestyle more than I can adequately express.

Our Adventure    RVers of the Month January 2007
Our blog began in 2005.  We are now traveling 90% of the time in our RV and are now houseless but not homeless.  We are involved with church construction projects in the summer up north and the remainder just travel around. Jean is a avid quilter even in the motorhome with fabric vying for space with tools.

The Wandering Wishnies       RVers of the Month September 2006
After living for six years downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we have chucked it all and are going to shoehorn ourselves and our two catsinto a 390 sq. ft. Fifth Wheel Trailer towed by a Ford F350 Diesel Crew Cab. Not only was this a 180° lifestyle change, but we have no camping experience, both of us having lived an urban life our entire lives, disdaining even the suburbs.

Adventure Highway         RVers of the Month July 2006
Chronicles the travels and adventures of Jerry and Erika as they hit the road in a motorhome satisfying their passion to live life to the fullest. When you combine two adventurous, and a tad quirky people like these together in an rv, it gets entertaining. 

Joan on the Road        RVers of the Month December 2006
In 2001, after years of renting rv's we bought our own motorhome. In 2003, in our 60s, we decided to hit the road before it was too late. Little did we know what was in store for us. Come along with us as we visit all the states.

Cuzz Travels        RVers of the Month August 2006
After 34 years of marriage and Jeff retiring this year we are beginning an rv adventure we have discussed for years, full timing in our Motorhome. We are experienced RVers who have owned motorhomes since the 1970's and have always enjoyed RVing.

Because We Can          RVers of the Month April 2006
We began our journey down the road to become extended RV travelers. On these pages we describe how we came to our decision, what plans we made, the missteps we took, the successes we enjoy and the unfolding, evolving life we are living.

Am Road             RVers of the Month May 2006
After many years of weekend RV'ing, we decided to sell the house and join the ranks of the full-time RV bunch hitting the road with no particular destination. Our original plan was to do this for at least a year or two but we knew that the lifestyle grows on a person. After less than six months on the road, we sold the fifth wheel and purchased a motor home.

Backroad Chronicles     RVers of the Month October 2005
Joy and Phil have been making plans, researching the lifestyle and working together for nearly five years preparing for their dream of full time RV living.  After retirement in June 2004, they purchased and moved into the perfect motorhome; sold their vehicles, boat and the house; crossed off what seemed like thousands of items on their endless lists and at last, the day of departure has arrived. Let the adventure begin!

Rick and Susan - Coulson Castle        RVers of the Month September 2005
Rick and Susan Hollingshead, both 50 years old, are a Canadian couple who started “fulltiming” in December 2003. They welcome you to join them in their travels around Canada and the United States by visiting their website where they journal daily. You can learn about their daily trials and tribulations as well as some information about full timing, travelling in a motorhome and their reviews of campgrounds, restaurants and places of interest.

Sandra's Blog   RVers of the Month February 2006
After working for 38 years, I retired in August of 2004 and my husband, Gordon and I sold our 4 bedroom house, bought a diesel truck and fifth wheel and hit the road. We spend five months in Ontario, one month in another part of Canada and the winters in the US.

RV Vagabonds    RVers of the Month January 2006
We are the Brauns, traveling the country in our 2002 Palisades fifth wheel. We have been on the road since September, 1998 and our goal is to play golf in all fifty states while enjoying the sights along the way.

Oh Boy! We're on the Road      RVers of the month July 2005
Two computer gurus and poodle named Audiotape been living/working in our motorhome full-time since July 2003, our house sold in November of that year. We've been on the road since April 2004. Our life's story, since deciding to become RVers, is on our Weblog!

Dan and Susan's Excellent Adventure    RVers of the Month May 2005
Susan and I are in our early 50s. Since the day we met, our enjoyment and main activity has always been camping. We will no longer own a “stick house” on a foundation. Our house will have wheels. This is a lifestyle that is becoming more and more commonplace. There may even be a couple of updates per day.

The Adventures of Tioga and George    RVers of the Month June 2005
Go visit and see where the Team is today...

The Happy Wanderers     RVers of the Month December 2005
Spending most of our adult life in the military, we enjoyed traveling and moving every few years. However, if we stayed in one place too long, Larry got what he called the 3 year itch. After retiring from the USAF, we both semi-retired in our mid 40's and started traveling full-time in our motorhome in September 2004.

Scott's Adventures        RVers of the Month November 2005
I'm currently a full time RVer, living in my 2003 Tradewinds Diesel Pusher with my Italian Greyhound, Molly. I sold my Las Vegas home and put only the large furniture and antiques into storage. I've outfitted my motorhome with satellite Internet capabilities and continue to work on my web site projects. Follow my blog.

Malia's Miles     RVer of the Month March 2008
I am a solo fulltime RVer and consider myself extremely blessed to be able to live this lifestyle. I will provide my honest reviews of the campgrounds I visit and I'll let you know about some of the local activities and businesses.

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