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Buying or selling a used RV can be a very a frustrating experience the first time for many reasons. the most common reason may include lack of familiarity with rv's in general so one may not know what is most important to look for. Another common issue is the lack of available information on determining fair market value and pricing. RV pricing can change suddenly for numerous reasons including dealer inventory levels time of year, gas and diesel prices and others.

For an investment this large I always recommend a few basic things; test drive the unit thoroughly, up and down hills, breaking, turning radius, etc. to make sure you feel comfortable with it (all drivers should also test drive it spouses included if they are to drive it). If possible driving it on the same day you drive a few other models is the best so you have something to compare the unit to. If you are unsure go back and test drive it again.

Have a mechanic (rv experience a definite plus) give the unit a thorough going over from the drive train to the air conditioning units. Ask if the unit has ever been involved in an accident and for all previous service records looking to see if there are any continuous or repeating problems. As for pricing there are basically NADA guides which are like Kelly blue book prices, and just old fashion leg work, calling other dealers for prices on similar units. Once you make the purchase I can only say to try and relax and enjoy your motorhome, use it often and you will not have any buyers remorse.

You can visit our RV Dealer pages for listings of dealers by state. Also make sure to check out our Purchase Checklist for some things to look for while evaluating the RV. Finally, do not for get the RV Insurance for your new purchase.

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