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Recreational vehicle navigation and gps products for motorhomes and towables trailers including devices, software and accessories.
RV GPS Products and Services
What to look for in a recreational vehicle navigation system.

Size and viewability of display: GPS screen should be large and glare-free (optional sun visors are available check with manufacturer), and show basic information such as two or three-dimensional map view, current time or arrival time, distance to the next turn, current street name, and distance to destination, current speed (some units have the current speed limit as well).

Data entry: Check how easy it is to enter addresses and routing preferences. Is the typing pad user friendly, does it have voice activation, is it bluetooth enabled, remote control etc..

Installation and portability: How easy is it to setup and remove ( they are targets for thieves). Does it have a case or screen protector?

Most manufacturers offer these features but you should confirm.
Battery for use away from the car for a short amount of time (no more than a couple of hours).
SD memory card slot.
Option to download map data for other countries.
USB PC connection for GPS unit.
Storage of your "Home" address.
Traffic updates.
Advanced Navigation: Calculate fastest or shortest route, exclude highways and toll roads, alternate route to avoid traffic.
Display car speed, speed limit, distance to destination, and estimated time of arrival.
Display street name and distance to the next turn.
Option of two- or three-dimensional map display.
Volume control for voice instructions.
Points of interest (POI): schools, police stations, car parks, fast-food outlets, post offices, petrol stations, airports, railway stations, hospitals. Option to add your own points of interest.
Advanced lane guidance tells you when to move to the exit lane and displays complex multi-lane manoeuvres clearly.
Languages and gender choice; You can select a number of other languages for the display and voice instructions (such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish and Dutch) as well as accents.

Links to suppliers who carry GPS products for recreational vehicles.
The RV gps list links are free. If you know of any RV suppliers or parts distributors who sell navigaton related products that are not listed here, please submit them and we will get them listed in the directory.
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