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RV supplies including electrical products and generators for motorhomes, 5th wheels and travel trailers.

RV Generators Products

Links to suppliers who carry RV electrical related products.
The RV generator and electrical list links are free. If you know of any RV suppliers or parts distributors who sell products
that are not listed here, please submit them and we will get them listed in the directory.

Buy generators from CW.

Authorized dealer and service center of Xantrex, Ttrace, Heart and Magnum inverters and battery chargers.

Generac Power Systems
The Generac brand features fully integrated power generation systems that include industrial, commercial, and residential generator sets, as well as automatic transfer switches, controls, fuel tanks, enclosures and remote monitoring software.

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Frequently Asked Generator Questions

Is it practical to run the air conditioner with my generator while driving?

Yes, that is what generators are for, portable electrical power. It can help you save on your vehicle gas because generators use less fuel. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to exercise your generator. Any appliance that can be run while parked can also be powered while driving.

Can I run my generator for extra power while I'm hooked up to shore power at a campground?
Only if the RV manufacturer has supplied a separate circuit for a second air conditioner. If you have two air conditioners in your motor home, only one will operate while plugged into commercial shore power. Motor home electrical systems are designed to separate these two power sources. However, with your comfort and needs in mind, your RV manufacturer may have wired the motor home to allow you to power your second air conditioner with your RV generator. Check your vehicle operator manual.

Will speeding (accelerating the RPM) up my generator provide more power?
Generally not and it may cause damage your generator and appliances.

What is carburetor icing?
Carburetor icing occurs in very damp cool outside conditions. It causes rough operation, stalling and throttle sticking.

How often does a generator need maintenance?
You will need to check the owners manual for this question.

What about changing the oil on my generator if I wont be using it for a while?
Like your motor, change oil for seasonal temperature changes. For longer rv storage, check your operator's meranual.

Once i start the generator should I keep it running for a minimum amount of time?
Most generators should run for a minimum of about 30 minutes to give them a chance to warm up. Once warmed up running generators for shorter periods of time is fine. Check you operators manual for specific instructions or contact dealer with questions.

Do diesel generators need to be exercised like gas generators?
Yes, it helps lubricate all the seals and engine components.

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