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Welcome to RV Resources, we are an internet directory specializing in information on recreational vehicles. With new links to dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, rentals, service, insurance, etc., this site is focused on providing the best information about RV's available on the internet. Click Here to Bookmark this site or see What's New.
 RVers of the Month:   Louise and Sean    Why Rent a Motorhome or RV?
RV Trip Journal June of 2018 Features: Our Odyssey
"Prior to moving aboard Odyssey, we lived in San Jose, California. Each of us had lived in the south bay area for nearly 20 years, with varied backgrounds prior to that. We met in 1997 at a motorcycle campout, motorcycling being one of our shared passions. In 2003 we were married, the second one for each of us. Neither of us has any children. "Odyssey" is the name of our 40' Neoplan bus. We now live aboard Odyssey full-time, and have no fixed residence at all. We purchased Odyssey in 2001, with the idea of renovating it and eventually moving aboard to tour full-time. Our plans were accelerated when, later that year, Sean's job at a Silicon Valley start-up evaporated along with his company, at a time when available high-tech vice-presidential positions were scarce. Sean began working on the bus plans full-time, and Louise started looking for a buyer for her business, Information Publications.By early 2003, we were both officially "retired" and living off savings that Sean squirreled away during the glory days of Silicon Valley start-ups and the proceeds of Louise's business sale. Renovations on Odyssey were well under way, and we began the process of condensing our lives down to what would fit in a 40' bus.We finally moved aboard in August of 2004, before the coach was even painted. We rented out our San Jose condominium, and moved our official domicile to Washington state. We chronicle our travels and misadventures almost daily in a blog." For more rv Blogs visit our RV Travelogues section.
      There are many reasons why renting a motorhome instead of rv rental reasonspurchasing may be a good solution. For the individual who has limited vacation time, a short term vacation on wheels without the long term costs associated with rv ownership may be the best option. The outright costs associated with buying an rv from a dealer include; licensing fees, insurance, storage and ongoing maintenance. Couple these costs with a relatively quick depreciation rate and the motorhome rental option begins to look better by the moment.

   Another reason to rent an rv is for first time buyers. Try before you buy. You may not always be able to rent the exact model rv you wish to purchase but you will be able to find out the things you must have and those you can live without. One can also get an overall sense of their comfort level driving, parking and living in an rv for a time.
Use this link to find motorhome and rv rental locations.

  RV Tips - RV Insurance
        Choosing an insurance company for your rv may seem like a difficult and confusing task but done correctly it will save you money and many headaches. Insurance coverage for RV's vary greatly in terms of items covered and in cost, so both aspects must be taken into consideration. What and how much is covered is a basic question, a good starting point is to look for companies which offer total loss replacement, purchase price guarantee, custom equipment coverage, awning replacement coverage, diminishing deductibles, full-timers liability coverage, vacation liability, emergency expense coverage and personal effects (contents) coverage.

     You can save hundreds of dollars a year on motorhomes by requesting and comparing quotes from many companies. With most of the companies now offering online quotes, you may now compare many rv insurance companies with just a few clicks and a bit of time. Once you have all the quotes in front of you just compare coverage's based on your needs and budget. If you have any questions make sure to contact the provider to clarify them for you and always get it in writing. Our RV Insurance page lists many companies to begin your search.
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